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Video Game Maker: Job Description of Game Creators & Designers

The job description of a video game maker has drastically changed since Pac Man. Learn how 3D video games are made & how you can become a game creator.

Pac Man, Mario, and the white ball from Pong are the founding fathers of a nation that has grown exponentially in the past thirty years: the video game nation. 

Worth an estimated fifty billion dollars in the year 2010, the video game industry is compelling more and more consumers to plunk down a hefty portion of their paycheck each month to pay for the latest innovations in video games.

Today, video games are made with increasingly complex technology to do increasingly complex things, such as:

  • Using 3D technology that puts players inside the action
  • Using motion-sensor controllers to get players off the couch and into the game
  • Using no controllers at all!

Those responsible for these video game innovations are some of the most forward-thinking and creative individuals in the world. 

If you love video games, you are well on your way to joining this elite and successful group of artists.

What Does It Take To Be A Video Game Maker?

Individuals who are interested in video games often begin considering a career as a video game designer

Teenagers who love to play video games wonder what it takes to be a video game maker.  These individuals don’t realize that they already possess the first prerequisite for a successful career in this field: a love for video games. 

The artists who create video games for public consumption are passionate about all video games.

These artists grew up playing video games late into the night: evaluating the pros and cons of different games, immersing themselves in the fantastical worlds, and rallying behind the main characters of video games to earn their way to the final level. 

If you’ve got a passion for video games, you already meet criteria number one for becoming a video game designer.

What Does A Video Game Designer Do?

Video game designer jobs range in responsibilities, experience, expertise, and job requirements. 

Some work as consultants or advisers. Others work in a creative think tank with other individuals: brainstorming for the best new ideas and premises for the latest video games. 

Some are graphic artists and work at creating beautiful graphics and realistic scenes.  And the programmers work to make games to respond to increasingly complex commands.

The best part about a career as a video game maker is that there are thousands of routes to take to be involved in the video game creation process. 

Game companies like Microsoft and Nintendo employ tens of thousands of employees who work at all stages of the video game creation process. 

Marketing and advertising experts work at sampling the video game consumers to come up with the new ideas. 

Artists and graphic designers work at creating the world.  Computer programmers and software experts work at making the video game operational. 

With an education in any of these fields and a passion for video games, you can get a job helping a video game transform from concept to reality.

Video Game Designer Education

If a love for video games was the only requirement for a video game design job, the walls of Nintendo’s headquarters would be filled to the brim with twelve-year-old boys making thousands of dollars. 

Thankfully, the field is a little more specialized than that. 

If you want to become a video game maker, you must first achieve a specialized education in a field that will provide you with certain skills. 

Video game designers often have advanced degrees in:

  • Graphic Design or Graphic Arts
  • Animation Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Software
  • Video Game Development
  • Character and Story Development
  • Simulation Game Programming
  • Three Dimensional Modeling

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