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Video Game Development Software

video game development software

Learn what kind of video game development software is used by game design companies worldwide & how to receive training in this programming software.

You might know the best stores to buy the latest and greatest video games.  You might have an entire notebook dedicated to cheat codes that unlock hidden levels in your favorite games. 

You might have the highest worldwide score in the most difficult video game ever created. 

But unless you are currently employed as a video game designer and have obtained a computer programming or graphic design degree in your past, odds are pretty good that you would be shocked at the effort and time required to produce a stunning and successful video game.

Video game design is one of the most complicated and intricate art forms in existence today. 

Because video game creation requires an assortment of skills that include artistry, creativity, storytelling, computer programming, code writing, and a serious imagination, it is considered by some to be the most difficult occupation in the world. 

Video game designers aren’t magicians, however.  They are very talented, highly organized, intelligent and talented individuals who are assisted by complex and powerful computer programs. 

Without the video game development software that is available for designers today, you most likely wouldn’t have your favorite video game.

Video Game Development Software

Because video games, today, are so technologically advanced, they cannot be produced without the assistance of high-tech video game designing software. 

Video game design software doesn’t do the work for the designers, but it does assist designers in converting their ideas and imaginings into workable games that can be experienced by people around the world.

All video game design software can be organized into three basic categories of video game designing:

  • Three dimensional games
  • Two dimensional games
  • And role playing games


3D vs 2D Game Development

Unlike a 3-D movie which uses special glasses to make the images seem to leap off the movie screen, 3-D video games are defined completely differently. 

In a 3-D video game, the main video game character is able to move in all directions.  The hero of the game can move forward, backward, left, right, up and down. 

In a 3-D video game, some of the action appears to move into the television screen. 

A 2-Dimensional video game, on the other hand, limits the main character in his or her movements.  The hero of such games can only move left and right across the screen and vertically up or down.  Software for 2-D video games is much less involved or intricate than 3-D software.

Role playing video game software, on the other hand, is almost unrelated to both 2-D and 3-D video game software. 

A role playing video game is less about movement and more about choices.  The software for these games is often dedicated to a variety of choices and situations that all have different consequences and outcomes. 

Commonly Used Video Game Design Software

Whatever the video game being designed, the software used is a crucial choice in producing an aesthetically-pleasing and successful video game. 

Many video game design hobbyists purchase video game software that is very similar to the software used by professionals. 

For example, DarkBASIC is one of the most popular video game design software programs used today. 

DarkBASICpro is a more advanced version of this software used by professional video game designers.

Some video game design software assists the video game designer in all steps of the creative process.  Individuals who wish to design video games as a hobby will often download these free video game design software programs for their own personal use. 

This software allows you to create simple video games by using pre-made templates.

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