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Video Game Designing: Information on Salary, Process & Game Testing

Video game designing is a tedious process, but the end result is magical! Learn how online & console video games are made, from testing to designer salaries.

Video game enthusiasts have been talking about. Online gamers dream about it. And internet surfers have been dying to get involved into it. Yup! Video game designing is one industry that is greatly in-demand for the past 5 years. And if you want to pursue this career, then you better know what it demands of you!

Video Game Designing: Demands of the Field

Some of the mandated things in this field are:

  • Basic foundation in game programming
  • Know-how of different computer language codes
  • Dynamic approach in conceptualizing
  • Flexible in working with a team
  • Proper training in game programming and development

What Designing Video Games is Like?

If you already have the proper training, education, and experience in designing a video game, then you may have already known and felt the pressure of doing such. On the other hand, if you don’t have any background in this field, then drop that sad face, and read on.

Though there are numerous Softwares that offer you instant 1,2,3 game designing, the feeling of coming up with your own out of scratch makes a lot  of difference. Students of game designing may already know what it’s like, and the same goes for professionals in this field, but nothing compares to the feeling of being in their shoes.

What You’ll Be Experiencing

So if you are wondering what it’s like to design your own video game, then here it is, or maybe here they are:

  • Ecstatic – the thought of you having all the power to craft a game is already awesome, how much more if it’s the real thing? If you know what I mean…
  • Pressured – Whether you’re a video game enthusiast, a student to this field, or a professional, you are prone to feeling the pressure right under your nose. It’s good if you’re just creating a game for yourself, then you won’t need to deal with other people’s comments. However, you must face it: you are creating a game not for yourself but for everybody. Don’t we all have the same sentiment?
  • Stressed – This is not at all new; as a matter of fact, all people experience this one. When you are enthused and engrossed in designing your own game, you actually tend to forget about everything: the time, day, and even your social life. And with the pressure you’re feeling, it’s not at all common to have sleepless nights and get stressed.
  • Fulfilled – Satisfaction is what you’ll get once you’re done. You just want to brag about it to the world, right?

Video Game Designing: Process from Start to Finish

Knowing what it’s like isn’t at all the final step; it is actually just the first step. Game designers deal with the task in a step-by-step process. And here they are:

  • Conceptualizing – You start by thinking of everything you want for your game: the characters,  gameplay, rules of the game, and basically the main theme. Take note that you need to have consistency in all the facets of your intended game.
  • Outlining – When you’re done conceptualizing, this step would be very essential. You need to outline everything especially the gameplay. Having a fluid level-to-level shift will do the trick in engrossing your gamers to your game.
  • Programming – Now, for this step, you’ll need all the know-how that you have in computer programming. This is the part where you encode your outline to the computer. This is not short process. Professional designers even spend weeks and months in front of their computers to do this step. In short, you need persistence.
  • Finishing – This step requires you to double check the details of your game. If you think that one of your characters needs more artillery, if you think that a level requires more details into it, and if you think the ending of the game isn’t at all satisfying, then this step lets you do or change them.
  • Testing – This is the final step in your endeavor. Playing your own game is prone to having your bias to it. Why don’t you ask a friend to come over and play it for or with you. Hearing his opinions will be the basis of your satisfaction.

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