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Video Game Designer

video game designer

A career as a video game designer can be a fun and financially viable option for video game aficionados. 

Instead of allowing hours of your life to be drained away by mindless video gaming, you can put your video game skills to work for you by becoming a video game designer or even a video game tester. 

Video game designer salaries are very competitive and are expected to rise over the next decade as the number of video game designer positions increases.

Career Info for Video Game Designers

A video game designer career or a career as a video game programmer is a great way to make a living doing the thing you love best: playing video games.  All the games played by avid gamers across the planet have been designed with great care and attention to detail by talented artists, graphic designers, animators and computer programmers.  You can join this exciting world of video game production if you know where to begin and what you’ll need to succeed.

Video Game Tester

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or a computer programmer to find work as a video game tester.  Video game testers often have no advanced degrees, no computer programming skills, and very little design or artistic ability.  These individuals find employment because of their wide and varied experience with video games of all types and styles. 

Video game testers play new and unreleased video games and give their suggestions and feedback to video game developers.  A career as a video game tester may be difficult to come by: it’s a highly coveted position.  The best way to find a career as a video game tester is to familiarize yourself with several gaming systems and several styles of video games.  Then, submit your video game “resume” to video game production companies and offer your services as a tester.  Some video game testers make up to forty dollars an hour!

Video Game Design Software

All modern video games are made using advanced video game design software.  In the early days of video games, the software required to create a simple video game such as Super Mario Brothers was simple and unsophisticated.  Today, video games are expected to resemble real life situations and scenery in ways that have never before been seen. 

As such, the equipment and software used to create video games is highly advanced and very technical.  Many video game designers and video game programmers have advanced degrees in computer programming or code writing.  Graphic designers and animators are also very familiar with video game design software.  Good software produces great video games.

Free Video Game Design Software

For a hobbyist video game designer or an individual who is just getting started in the business, free video game design software is a great option.  Free video game design software will not include all the added features and capabilities that full video game design software will offer.  Most free software is a pared down, easy-to-use version of the elite video game design software.  However, the free software will help you learn the basics of video game design. 

Some free video game design software will give you access to online tutorials, forums and pre-made game templates that will help you make a simple but fun video game that you can share around the world.  Most video game designers got started in their education and careers by using free video game design software that can be downloaded from thousands of internet websites. 

Video Game Maker

Those who call themselves video game makers come from a variety of different places.  Some video game designers have a history in graphic design.  These skills are very valuable because video game designers need to have an expert appreciation for the aesthetic value of video games. 

Video games today are filled with beautiful scenery and stunning graphics: all products of the imagination of artists.  Other video game designers are individuals with advanced degrees in computer programming and code writing.  Beautiful artwork isn’t the only element of a great video game.  The action, choices and consequences of the player must be accounted for in a great video game.  Computer programmers translate the imaginings of the artists into workable worlds that can be enjoyed by millions of consumers worldwide.  Most video game designers today have degrees in graphic design, animation, or computer programming. 

Video Game Companies

The video game industry is projected to be worth half a trillion dollars by 2011.  This number has been increasing since the dawn of the video game.  Huge corporations that are dedicated to producing video games are growing at an astronomical rate.  Other companies, like Microsoft, have created branches devoted entirely to making video games. 

Landing a job at a video game company is challenging but rewarding.  Video game companies are looking for talented and educated people with a few specific skills.  Working for a video game company is a guaranteed way to earn a great paycheck for the rest of your life.  Most experts agree that video games are here to stay, and the biggest video game companies are making the latest and greatest innovations in the video game world.

Making Video Games

The average human has probably heard of video games at some point in his or her life.  Most have probably even played a video game.  Arcades, pizza parlors, college campuses, high schools, and theme parks all feature video games as a great attraction for young people.  While you may be familiar with a video game and may even consider yourself an “expert” video game player, it’s quite possible that you have no idea what goes into the creation of a video game. 

This is because making video games is a highly complicated venture.  Video game creation requires brainstorming, conceptualization, story board creation, painting, drawing, sketching, computer programming, code writing, bug fixing, review, edit, and more.  Making a video game is one of the most complicated tasks in existence today. 

Unlike painting a picture, writing a book, or filming a movie, creating a profitable video game requires thousands of individuals working on tens of thousands of minute elements of the finished product.  With so many layers, making a video game is much more difficult than beating the last level!

Video Game Development Software

Making a fantastic video game that will create profits for a video game company requires the use of the latest technological advancements in the form of video game development software.  This software is expensive because it has been intricately designed to assist video game makers in translating their ideas to reality: or virtual reality.  Most video game development software is divided into three categories: three dimensional game design, two dimensional game design, or role play game design.

Video Game Design Programs

Schools all around the world are adding video game design programs to their curriculum.  If you are interested in a career as a video game designer, you can easily find a great education at an online or local college campus.  The Art Institutes, Devry University, and ITT Technical institute have hundreds of campuses nationwide that offer courses in video game design, graphic design, animation, computer programming and code writing.  An education in one of these programs is the first step in beginning what is, quite possible, one of the most exciting and profitable careers in the world.

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