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Best Video Game Design Programs & Schools: Top Gaming Design Degrees

video game design programs

The best video game design programs give you a leg up in a competitive career. Discover game designing degrees & find a game programming school right for you!

Video game design is a multi-billion dollar industry with sales projected to increase every year for the next two decades. 

As video games become more technologically advanced, the need for experts with the skills and education required to keep up with growing trends and expectations in the video game world. 

Unfortunately, many schools across the country don’t offer specific programs in video game design and production. 

Experts are scratching their heads and wondering why one of the most successful industries in the world is seriously lacking in degree programs that will train the next generation of video game designers.

The Best Video Game Design Programs

While it is more difficult to find video game design degrees than any other artistic degree form in the United States, there are schools with advanced game design education programs.  Some schools are even offering Masters-level degree programs in video game design and production. 

Do You Have What It Takes?

Video game design requires a great understanding of artistic techniques and computer programming. 

The artistry required in designing games is sophisticated and advanced. 

Computer programming skills such as code writing and software manipulation are also in high-demand in the video game production world. 

If you are interested in video game design, the best way to acquire the skills and the contacts necessary for employment are at some of the top universities offering video game design degrees in the United States.

Video Game Design Degrees

The three best schools for securing a degree in video game design have campuses across the entire country. 

Individuals can easily find a satellite campus that is near their home. 

Some of these schools even offer degree programs that can be taken online. 

The top three video game design schools are:

  • ITT Technical Institute
  • DeVry University Programs
  • The Art Institutes

Video Game Design Degrees at ITT Tech

ITT Tech schools, with campuses across the country, offer hopeful video game designers a Bachelor’s degree program in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. 

Students who attend the ITT Technical institute take foundational classes in:

  • Animation
  • Computer programming
  • Level design
  • Graphic arts
  • Gaming technology
  • The process of gaming design
  • And software education

Students will supplement these classes with basic education courses and will receive a Bachelor’s degree in video game design. 

More importantly, students are provided with networking opportunities with some of the top-rated video game design companies in the world.

DeVry University Video Game Design Education

With over 100 locations across the United States and in Canada, students are flocking to Devry University to jump-start a career in video game design.  Students at Devry can receive a Bachelor’s degree in Game and Simulation Programming. 

In addition to in-depth courses on computer programming, code writing and software management, students also study graphic design and animation techniques. Unlike other game design schools, students at DeVry also learn film-production techniques for creating true to life video games. 

Video game production experts have lauded the degree program at DeVry University because it prepares students for jobs in a variety of places in the creation cycle of video games, including:

  • Management
  • Game editing
  • Game creation and idea brainstorming

These skills help DeVry University graduates land lucrative careers at many video game production companies. 

Finally, in case students decide post-graduation that a career in game design isn’t for them, the program also includes several core classes in general education.  Students will learn history, English, mathematics, physics and other sciences.  A degree such as this looks great to a potential employer because of its well-rounded nature.

Video Game Design Degrees at the Art Institues

The Art Institutes are famous for their advanced graphic design and game design programs. 

With the latest technology, expert professors, and campuses across the country, The Art Institutes are a great option for future game designers.

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