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Video Game Design Education: What’s a Game Programming Education Like?

video game design education

A video game design education preps you for a game making career. Learn what getting a game design degree is like, from course load to degree descriptions.

Since the multimedia field is growing both in quantity and quality, having a degree in game design helps you outrun the competition. You may think that with all the easy-to-use video game creator softwares, creating your own games would be plain simple. But you thought wrong.

If you really want to create games that are not at all bounded by these softwares’ limitations, then having a game design education will give you the skills and know-how.

The video game market is uncommonly competitive. You have probably heard that there are about 20 or so games created every hour, and out of the 20 only around 8 games would be a sensation. And for you to create a high-end game that is sure to catch attention, proper training and video game education are required.

Video Game Design Education
Sorting Out Your Options

Computer game design schools offer you numerous options in choosing the right field in game design you’re aiming for.

Some of the courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Game Design And Art
  • Introduction to Geometric Game Design
  • Game Graphics
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Multimedia And Web Databases
  • Simulation Theories And Application
  • Multimedia Interaction

Video Game Design Degree Options

One of the top programs for a game design degree is ITT Tech.

ITT Technological Institute concentrates on computer technology. It offers both school-based and online schooling. Well-known for its exemplary and competent graduates, you might want to consider studying under its supervision.

Here are the degrees that ITT Tech’s School of Information Technology offer:

Bachelors Degree Programs

  • Software Engineering Technology
  • Project Management
  • Software Applications Development

Associates Degree Programs

  • Information Technology – Software Applications And Programming
  • Information Technology – Computer Network Systems
  • Software Development Technology

DeVry University’s Game Design Education

DeVry University is another fully-accredited school with flexible bachelor’s and master’s degrees to suit your taste. The school uses a unique approach of exposing its students to real-world situations. So it is not surprising that most of their graduates end up in well-known companies such as:

  • Motorola
  • AT&T
  • Philips
  • T-Mobile
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • Boeing

Video Game Programmer Education

Working as a programmer isn’t at all that simple. A great deal of pressure’s attached to this career, as you’re expected to meet the rigorous demands of an exploding industry.

There is absolutely a need to know all those computer language codes in being a game programmer. Having a proper education and training are two of the things that you need if ever you want to master all these codes and be a successful video game programmer.

If you want to pursue a career as a video game programmer, then we strongly recommend considering DeVry as it has all the makings of what you’re looking for in proper game programming education.

Video Game Programming Education at DeVry

The curriculum education of DeVry focuses on understanding and applying practical concepts in gaming.

The curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Game And Stimulation Development
  • Math Programming For Games
  • Practical Game Design With Lab
  • Simulation Design And Programming With Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence For Games And Simulation With Lab
  • Physics Engine Development

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