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Best Video Game Design College: Getting a Video Game Design Education

Video game careers are high paying & exciting. Don’t be left out! Learn what a video game design college education entails & find top video game schools nearby

Video Game Design School is becoming one of those “cool” and exciting industries for the entertainment starved culture of today’s youth. 

Even before the turn of the new millennium, it may have been unheard of to attend a special video game design college that specifically trains students to become video game designers and developers. 

It was more or less considered a “fun hobby” as opposed to a serious career.  Who would have imagined back then that kids of this generation would be asking to attend video game schools?

Why Attend Video Game Design School?

What was once unheard of is now gaining in popularity as a choice in professions. That’s because the starting salary for video game design careers is not too shabby, hovering at anywhere between $28,000 – $65,000 + for seasoned video game developers.

Their skills are highly in demand, as each year the video game makers invest even more millions into game upgrades, improvements, new releases, better graphics and of course investing money into all the advertising and marketing to vie with competition.

There are now great big playing conferences, associations and worldwide events associated with video gaming.  That’s why there’s so much demand for talented video game designers who can create and implement the next bestseller to the industry. 

Where would you go for such a video game design education?  An art school?  Online video game design school?  Video game Design College?  That’s a good question.

What Does Getting a Video Game Design Education Entail?

Before you pack your bags and set sail for video game design college, consider the opportunity for people who want the benefits of obtaining a degree from a video game school online.  It’s more than just about sitting home and playing computer video games… it’s about actually learning how to become a video game designer or developer. 

Students can work from the comfort of their own home to learn fundamental gaming applications, techniques, animation, 2D and 3D modeling, lighting, art, color, animation, storyboarding and more.  These are skills that can bring your gaming career into the spotlight and put you on the map as a highly sought-after gaming professional.

Video game design school is much like art school, in a sense. Although you may prefer the campus setting of a video game design college, more and more people are realizing the online video instruction route as a viable opportunity.

What Do You Learn in Video Game Design School?

Students who attend video game schools will develop and apply all of the principles of game assembly from concept to creation and implementation.  There are a wealth of hardware and software that video game design schools will require to achieve the accredited hours towards earning a degree. 

Some of those programs include:


  • iMac
  • Xeon MacPros
  • Intel-based PCs
  • Unreal Engine 2
  • Valve
  • Microsoft XNA


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Flash Professional
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Maya
  • Pro Tools
  • Source
  • ZBrush

… and others.  Learning these hardware and software programs will give you hands-on experience for a career in video game design. 

Even entry-level game developers make top dollars by today’s job standards because of the niche and experience that is required.  Since not many people are able to design and create video games, yet so many households and people play games (even many adults) that are sophisticated and require high graphics capabilities, well that is a recipe for success within a tailored niche industry.

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