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Popular Video Game Companies: Top Video Game Publishers

video game companies

Want a video game design job? You should know the smallest & biggest video game companies. We review the most popular video game design companies.

The world of video games has proven itself to be a lucrative and lasting business venture.  Video game sales worldwide total in the tens of billions of dollars each year. 

Video games are used to promote movies and television shows, books, graphic novels, and even theme parks.  Huge corporations such as the Walt Disney Company and Microsoft use video games to boost sales of their other products. 

The business world knows that there is money to be made in video game production and sales.

Graphic designers, animators, and computer programmers are finding lucrative carees in video game production and design.  These individuals know that the best way to learn about creating the next hit video game is to research the designers and production companies that are producing the games with the best sales. 

If you are graphic designer or computer programmer with an interest in video game production, it’s wise to evaluate these companies to discover what’s working and what’s not.

Video Game Companies: Today’s Dominant Players

The video game companies with the highest sales today have made astounding leaps in innovation over the past few decades. 

Many remember one of Nintendo’s earliest video game ventures: Super Mario Brothers.  The original Mario Brothers was uncomplicated and graphically simple, yet sales of this video game are astronomical. 

Nintendo has used its experience with early video games and adapted to the trends of today, making it the number one video game production company in the entire world.

Other Top Video Game Companies

Each year, a list is released that shows the top selling video game companies, what games they designed and produced, and their expected revenue from those games. 

Using this information, designers and programmers can study the trends and the tricks that companies are using to sell video games. 

Some of the top-selling video game companies of 2009 were:

  • Nintendo
  • Electronic Arts
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Sega
  • Capcom
  • Warner Brothers Interactive
  • THQ

Most of these companies have been in the video game business for years.  Graphic designers and computer programmers who are searching for established work in the video game industry would do well to seek employment from some of these top names. 

Because these industries are so well-established in the video game world, however, many of them only accept highly qualified and talented individuals for employment. 

New video game designers who graduated recently and have minimal experience can still benefit buy studying these top performing companies.

By studying their ga,es. or even securing an internship within these corporations, designers can learn the latest innovations used in game design and manufacture.

These titans of the video game world are including a variety of elements in all the games they produce.  Video game producers are quickly realizing that consumers who purchase video games are actually highly sophisticated in their selections.  Video game enthusiasts like games that create new worlds filled with stunning detail and incredible realism. 

A game like the original Super Mario Brothers would almost assuredly be a devastating flop to a video game company if it were released new today.  Simple graphics and shallow story lines are not selling.  Gamers want complexity and realism in their games.  Successful video games are true works of art.

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