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Best Toronto Film School Programs: Rankings of Toronto Film Colleges

toronto film school

Toronto is a mega-hub for Canadian cinema. Discover the best Toronto film school programs as our experts rank Toronto’s filmmaking universities.

Canada is our wilderness-filled neighbor to the north.  Many Americans know very little about Canada, but Canada is actually a richly diverse nation with a lengthy history of supporting and contributing to the arts. 

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and is the largest city in the nation of Canada.  Toronto is, in a sense, Canada’s version of New York City.  Because of its immense size, Toronto offers a rich variety of cultural and artistic activities and inspirations for the budding filmmaker. 

If you are considering attending a film school in Canada, there is no better location than Toronto.

Why Attend a Toronto Film School

Toronto is the center of media production in Canada.  Almost all of the major Canadian television networks call Toronto home.  A filmmaker or television producer will find ample work in the city of Toronto. 

An exciting night life and wide variety of cultural activities means that residents of Toronto will never be bored in this incredible metropolis.  There are thousands of reasons why attending film school in Toronto, Ontario could be the right move for you.

Toronto’s filmmaking programs are similar to those in the United States.  The educational structure of the school program may vary slightly in duration and tuition costs, but the topics covered in the film school curriculum is very similar to the content covered in United States schools for film and television

Toronto vs American Film Schools

The education in Toronto is top-notch.  However, there are many other schools in the United States that offer similar high quality film education without having to travel such a great distance.  But the reason American students are flocking to Ontario to attend film school is the wealth of opportunity that exists in this region after students graduate from film school. 

Toronto television stations and film studios are readily seeking Americans who are driven, talented, and dedicated and can bring some of that old-fashioned Hollywood style to the city of Toronto. 

Because Hollywood is virtually flooded with individuals trying to make it as career movie makers, the competition is gruelingly fierce. 

However, in Toronto, opportunities abound for newly graduated filmmakers to find lucrative work on a permanent basis. 

The schools may be very similar to the schools in the United States, but the job outlook is much better in Toronto.

IADT Toronto Film School Program

The International Academy of Design and Technology has a well-known campus in Toronto, Ontario.  This school offers a competitive and unique film school experience and can provide graduates with lucrative opportunities in the field of film and television production. 

Students who attend the International Academy of Design and Technology can expect to study the same topics covered at most film schools. 

These topics include:

  • History of Film: Studying the great films and their innovations through the decades since the introduction of the motion picture
  • Directorial Methods: Learning how the best directors get the desired action from their actors and actresses.  These classes may also feature acting studies for real-life experience.
  • Film Editing: A class in film editing will teach prospective filmmakers about the crucial elements of a film.  Students will learn how to distinguish between what is necessary for a successful film and what can be cut to make the film flow more smoothly.
  • Film Business: The film industry is a lucrative business with its own unique lingo and terminology.  Understanding this language is crucial if you want to succeed in the filmmaking industry.  Students will learn about negotiating contracts, bargaining on terms, and estimating costs and profits.

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