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Discover the Top Film Schools: How to Find the Best Filmmaking Schools

Aspiring filmmakers have to navigate a maze of ads for filmmaking schools. Ignore them! Come here & read our guide to finding the top film schools for you!

The world of film and broadcast is one of the most glamorous and exciting professions to break into. Of course there are plentiful filmmaking schools and cinematography schools throughout the country, so choosing one of the best film schools should be a tough task to do. 

Then there is the question of whether to pursue a 2 year or 4 year degree or knowing what is required to get accepted by one of the top film schools in the country.

Finding the Best Film School For You

Glad that you’re committed to following your filmmaking dreams!

Before deciding on which of the top film schools is best for you, there are a few criteria you should consider.  First of all, make a list of a few jobs you would consider enjoying after you graduate, and doing a bit of research about what is expected. 

The goal of graduating from film school is to find a job doing what you love, which is most likely movies and television.

Qualities of Top Film Schools

Here’s what to look for when deciding on a filmmaking program:

  • Is the school accredited?
  • Does the film school offer any online filmmaking courses?
  • Does the program support your desired profession?
  • Do the instructors nurture and support their students?
  • Are the other film students who attend satisfied?
  • Will you have to purchase or have any access to the needed equipment?
  • Does the school help you find placement after graduation?
  • What are the filmmaking courses that will be required?
  • Does the school’s vision and strategy match your learning style?

Best Film Schools: What It Takes to Get Accepted

Attending cinematography school or learning filmmaking is more than just about being good behind the camera.  You may be the next Steven Spielberg in the making, yet if you don’t have the degree to back it up and the necessary skills that are required by agencies who hire filmmakers then it all won’t matter.

So from an insider’s point of view, there are some things that may catch the eyes of top filmmaking schools that you are a student who is serious about becoming a filmmaker. 

For one, acting classes.  This may surprise you, but the fact that you can manage both sides of the camera makes you better able to see the films from a unique perspective. It can help to enhance your ability to see the set and the details, too.

Also, entering your amateur works in competitions or creating self-implemented documentaries can impress the film school committees because they will see that you are serious and that you intend to practice your craft, whether accepted to their film school or not.

Finally, honing in on your communications skills can get you into some of the best film schools. Learning multiple languages, grammar, composition, and having math schools will help you with both the technical and the writing aspect of your academics at filmmaking school. 

These are all very good steps to becoming a highly respected cinematographer, videographer or movie set producer.

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