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What’s The Future of Video Games: Speculation on Video Game Future?

the future of video games

Technology in video games has progressed so much in the last few years, it’s hard to imagine what the future of video games will be like—read our speculation!

Video games have a bright and promising future.  Seemingly unaffected by America’s nationwide economic slump, video games are still being produced in full force. 

Video game design companies are operating with full staffs of talented individuals who are all working at break-neck speed to release the latest and greatest video games with the newest technology and innovations. 

The future of video games appears to be infinite. 

As technology races forward into the future, computer programmers and game designers are clamoring to keep up.  As soon as one technological advancement is released to the public, it is immediately outdated as more and more advancements pop onto the scene. 

With this fast-paced design model, video games will continue to astound consumers as they press on into the future.

The Future of Video Games

There are several predictions regarding the future of video games.  Some of these futuristic accomplishments are already in their first stages of development.  Others are lurking on the tantalizing horizon. 

Technological Advancement in Future Video Games

These advancements in the technology of future video games promise to revolutionize the world of games once again.  Some of these advancements are:

  • 4-D Video Games: 3-D video games have been around for the past twenty years; however, they are not truly three dimensional.  A three dimensional video game is one in which the main character can move in all directions during game play.  The player can move forward or backward, left or right and up or down.  Because a television screen is flat, the designers use optical illusion to create the effect of a character moving deeper into the screen of a television.  In today’s 3D video games, however, the character’s movement outside of the television screen is limited.  With 3-D television sets, however, this may not always be the case.  Video games requiring special glasses may be able to feature an almost four dimensional picture quality.
  • Elimination of the Controller: For their entire existence, video games have been tethered to earth with the controllers that are necessary to operate them.  These controllers have become more sophisticated over the years.  Today, many controllers are wireless and battery-operated, allowing the player to be freer in game play.  However, some video games are eliminating the use of the controller altogether by relying on motion detection for game operation.  This technology promises to become more sophisticated.
  • Mobile Games: As cell phones as tablet computers become more and more advanced, many video games are being released directly to cell phones and tablets.  These games are, as of now, relatively simple and small in scope.  However, video games for cell phones promise to become more advanced over the next decade.
  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality has struggled to emerge in the video game world.  It is a video game player’s dream to see himself or herself become, not a witness to the action, but an active participant in the action.  Some experts believe that the technology for effective and realistic virtual reality is right around the corner. 
  • Health-Related Video Games: Because many experts believe that video games are one of the leading causes of childhood obesity, health-related video games will probably become more advanced and increase in number.  These video games will require players to get up and move in aerobic exercises and challenges that will be both fun and healthy.  Video games, instead of detracting from the health of American citizens, may soon be one of the greatest contributors to an increase in the number of healthy Americans.

On Demand Video Games: The True Future

The video game console may soon become a thing of the past.  As more and more individuals opt to view movies on-demand instead of buying them or renting them, video games may soon be featured in an on-demand format.

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