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Best Texas Film Schools: Rankings of Film Colleges & Programs in Texas

texas film schools

Texas film schools offer students access to vast, western terrain & unique culture. Read our experts’ rankings of the best film programs & colleges in Texas.

The great state of Texas has one of the most well-developed senses of state pride in the continental United States.  Texas has its own cuisine, its own music, its own culture, its own history, and practically its own language.  Texans are proud of their great state and all that it has to offer. 

In fact, Texas is the second largest state in the United States and home to several thriving metropolises that offer a wealth of opportunities to potential students in the filmmaking industry. 

Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are four of the largest cities in Texas. 

Each city has its own unique personality and its own unique offerings in the form of film schools and film opportunities.

Texas film schools offer the same great education that can be found in other film schools across the country.  However, Texas is so large that students won’t have to cross its borders to find variations in culture, talent and creative inspiration.  Students who study in Dallas, Texas can escape westward to Austin and find themselves exposed to an entirely different school of thought in the film world. 

Houston residents and film students can make their way to San Antonio and revel in the unique history of that town.  Students in San Antonio may even want to examine the great film that details the battle of the Alamo.

Why Attend a Texas Film School

Texas is home to thousands of famous actors, actresses, directors, producers and film editors.  The state of Texas has been featured in hundreds of different movies, mostly Westerns, and has a deep appreciation for the film arts.  Texas is also home to several huge television studios. 

All of these characteristics of this classically southern state allow Texas to offer great rewards and opportunities to students who choose to attend a film school in the Lonestar State.

Film Programs in Texas

Texas is home to two distinct campuses of the famous Art Institutes in America.  With nearly one hundred college campuses nationwide, Texas is proud to host two of those campuses within its borders.  The Art Institute of Dallas and the Art Institute of Houston both offer degrees in film production and television production. 

Students who attend either of these accredited degree programs will ride out of Texas with the education, skill and experience necessary to achieve greatness in the film world.

At these schools, Texan film students can expect to study the intricacies of film production from start to finish.  Students will attend full-time class hours and receive instruction from highly qualified professors with lifetime experience in the film industry. 

The teachers at the Art Institutes invest a great deal of time and energy into ensuring that their students succeed in their endeavors.  Focused time with your professor is not a rarity at the Art Institutes, and students will receive all the assistance they need to learn the necessities for success in the film industry. 

Students can expect to cover a wide range of topics in their courses, including:

  • Film Editing: An in-depth look at the particular elements of a feature film and what elements can make or break a blockbuster (find additional film editing schools here)
  • Screenwriting: A detailed study on writing for the silver screen.  Students will learn about proper dialogue and structuring a film correctly
  • Film Theory: Students will learn about the historical purpose of film and what film is intended to accomplish in communicating to the masses
  • Directing Methods: Students will study different methods of famous directors and evaluate the best way to transform an idea from paper to a realized production on screens around the world.

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