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Starting a Graphic Design Business: How to Begin a Design Company

starting a graphic design business

Interested in starting a graphic design business? Start here & learn how to create a freelance graphic design company so you can quit your day job.

Many artists decide to pursue a career in graphic design because of the stability that enterprise offers.  Unlike an art career where your income depends on flighty art collectors who may or may not like your latest masterpiece, a career as a graphic designer is much more like a business.  Businesses need graphic designers on a consistent and regular basis.  This arrangement provides artists with financial security and predictability.

However, some artists feel cramped by the hectic demands placed on them when they are employed by a business as a graphic designer.  Graphic designers employed by businesses have very little say in which projects they accept and when these projects must be completed.  Artists who prefer the freedom of creativity may feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced lifestyle of a traditionally employed graphic designer.

Starting A Graphic Design Business

For those who want to take their graphic design skills into their own hands, starting a graphic design business is an excellent opportunity.  Starting any business is difficult work and comes with a great deal of risk, but graphic designers starting their own businesses are at an immediate advantage: America desperately needs graphic designers.

Starting A Graphic Design Company: The Perks

If you plan on staring your own graphic design business, you will need a great deal of careful planning and a lot of resources.  A graphic design business will give you the chance to decide what kinds of clients you are willing to work for, what types of projects you are willing to take on, and when these projects will be completed.

Creating A Graphic Design Business

When starting a graphic design business, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Have a Detailed Business Plan: any business needs a plan.  Your plan should consist of several concrete and achievable goals that are clearly spelled out.  When searching for loans and clients, many new businesses will need to provide this plan so that others can evaluate their legitimacy.  Come up with one year, two year, five year and ten year goals for your business.

Financial Support: you won’t be making a fortune the day you open your doors.  You should plan for difficult financial times by securing low-interest loans from financial institutions.  You can even find friends and family members that are willing to invest in your business.

Develop Contacts: get your business’s name and your name out there any chance you get.  Start by performing low-cost work for non profit or community organizations.  These organizations can then display your information, generating more clients for your business.

Hire Employees: as your business grows, so will your workload.  Prepare for this increase in business by hiring professional graphic designers that will assist you.  Decide if you want to hire designers with different talents than your own or with a similar style and method as you.

Develop A Web Presence: you’re a graphic designer.  If anyone knows how to make a great website, it’s you.  Work hard to develop a presence on the internet: this is the way potential clients are going to find you and provide you with work.

Thank Your Clients: a starting business’s first clients are its life-support system.  You can keep clients coming back to you by going above and beyond in your work for them.  When you finish a job for a client, be sure to thank them for their support.  Send Christmas cards, attend their events, make your presence known.  Add clients to an e-mail list so they will remember what excellent graphic design service you provide.

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