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Best Seattle Film School: Rankings of Seattle Filmmaking Colleges

seattle film school

Most aspiring filmmakers don’t think of Seattle as a top film school city. But tons of top ranked Seattle film schools exist. Read our experts’ rankings.

For individuals looking to get away from it all, you won’t find a more secluded place on American soil that still offers such a rich diversity of cultural and creative stimulations than Seattle, Washington.  Seattle is one of America’s northernmost cities if you exclude the frigid region of Alaska. 

With beautiful vistas and stunning scenery, Seattle is an outdoorsman’s heaven on earth.  Students can opt to spend the afternoons strolling the city streets, taking in an afternoon movie, or heading to a state park to climb a mountain.  Everything in Seattle is within arms’ reach.

While you may not consider Seattle initially when deciding where best to pursue a film education and career, you’d be surprised to learn that Seattle is actually rich with top film schools that are guaranteed to provide you with a quality education. 

Students who are looking for access to the west coast without having to pay the exorbitant tuition prices of an LA film school will be delighted with the alternatives in downtown Seattle, Washington. 

Seattle is a hub spot for culture and creativity.  Theaters, movie theaters, art galleries, television production studios, and movie sets are all found in abundance in Seattle’s quaint, small-town approach to big city life.

What Do Seattle Film Schools Offer?

There are many film schools in Seattle, and most of them will provide prospective filmmakers with a high-quality education. 

Because Seattle is a getaway spot for many successful filmmakers, actors and studio executives, many of the instructors at Seattle schools have valuable relationships with the best of the best in the film industry.  Students can benefit from these relationships by securing priceless contacts with individuals who can help them to find work upon graduation.

Seattle schools are outfitted with the latest in technology, software, educational resources, and instructional methods.  Students at a Seattle film school will find themselves receiving an advanced education in the film industry. 

The Film School is one of the most famous film schools in the country, and it calls Seattle, Washington home.  Students can take night courses or attend full-time.  This school also offers free workshops and weekend sessions for students looking to further their education.

Seattle Film Institute is another leading film school in Seattle, Washington.  This school offers an intense forty week program that will teach students everything they need to know about the ins and outs of the filmmaking industry.  At the end of the program, students will be familiar with film history and innovation, editing techniques, directing techniques, and will have produced their very own film that can be added to their filmmaking portfolio. 

The Seattle Film Institute is renowned for its progressive education style and endless resources.

What To Expect in a Seattle Film School

Students who attend film school in Seattle can expect to receive an education very similar to that of film school in Los Angeles but at a fraction of the total cost.  Students will have access to knowledgeable professors and the latest in editing software and filmmaking equipment.  Students will take film courses in:

  • Film History – To understand the beginnings of the film industry, its purpose, and its possibilities
  • Film Theory – To understand how film communicates ideas and principles to the masses
  • Filmmaking Methods – To understand about cameras, lighting, angles, recording action, communicating ideas, and many other methods of filmmaking
  • Screenwriting – To better understand the process of writing a script that will shine and make a film successful
  • Directing – To understand how to guide actors and actresses and assist them in communicating a desired emotion
  • Film Editing – To understand how editing a film can turn it into an entirely different work of art (Learn more about Film Editing Schools).

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