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Best Orlando Film Schools: Ratings & Reviews of Orlando Film Colleges

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Discover the best Orlando film schools as our experts review the top Orlando filmmaking colleges & compare them to other Florida film degree programs.

The famous line spoken by a National Football League quarterback immediately after winning the Super Bowl was, “I’m going to Disney World.” And he did.  Along with millions of other tourists from around the world who flock daily to the magical city of Orlando, Florida.

With beautiful summer weather year round, thousands of places to feed a creative mind, and film schools that can help provide you with the necessary education to succeed as a filmmaker, Orlando is the perfect place to jumpstart your career as a filmmaker, film producer or actor in films.

Orlando is home to the famous Walt Disney Studios.  As such, it is a hub city for those in the film industry that are looking for a career in animation.  Walt Disney is the single most successful animating company in the world, and most animators who have dreamt of an animating career can trace that dreams origins back to their favorite Disney film. 

However, the animation scene isn’t the only film scene in Orlando, Florida.  There are film schools all over central Florida and each school offers something uniquely different from the next.

Why Attend an Orlando Film School?

Orlando is home to some of the highest rated film schools in the business, and students are flooding the gates of Orlando’s film schools to take advantage of this top-rated education.

The University of Central Florida offers a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking and Film Production.  The University of Central Florida is an excellent school with a large population of both talented professors and talented students.  Students who attend the film program at the University of Central Florida will find themselves immediately exposed to intense instruction, hands on activities, real life application of the skills and tools learned in classroom time, and a high quality education that will provide unique assistance after graduation.

The class sizes in the film program at UCF are intimate and highly manageable.  Instructors are able to give more personal and one-on-one attention to their students, and students benefit from this instruction by receiving specialized guidance that will best help them to succeed as filmmakers.  Students spend very little time in a classroom setting. 

The instructors who designed the film program prefer to instruct students by supervising them in various filmmaking projects and endeavors.  Students who attend film school at UCF will find themselves actively engaged in a variety of activities including:

  • Directing: Students direct small film productions and will team up to direct a full-length feature film
  • Editing: Students practice using the latest editing equipment to create seamless masterpieces
  • Acting: Students learn the tricks and techniques used in acting for the screen rather than the stage
  • Film Production: Students learn how to pair sound with visuals in video production.  They will use the latest technology and software to create finished film products that look great
  • Screenwriting: Students have discussions with real screenwriters and will learn the tips and tricks used in writing the perfect screenplay.  Students will also be able to write their own screenplay and have it critiqued by a screenwriter.

Other Film Schools in Orlando

There are many other film school options in Orlando.  Each offers a top-rated educational experience and each provides students with career assistance and the tools and skills required to succeed in a challenging and competitive business.

Alternately, if Orlando isn’t your top choice, be sure to check out FSU’s Film School, which is always in the top film school rankings.

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