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Art has always held a unique and swaying power over the human mind and emotions.  Even those with no education in art theory or art history can still find themselves affected by art of all kinds.  Graphic designers use art to communicate ideas and emotions to individuals with no art training.  Advertisements use color, shapes and images to convey a specific idea to a potential consumer.  Graphic designers are responsible for these artistic communicative creations.

The field of graphic design is intensely competitive because of its quick growth in the business community.  As more and more businesses require graphic designers to bring them into the 21st century, a graphic designer’s education and experience become more important in helping to set him or her apart from the rest of the crowd.  If you are interested in a career as a graphic designer, you must start by achieving a respected education in graphic design.

Online Graphic Design School

Thankfully, this education can be achieved without ever having to step outside your home.  Today, the online education system is well-respected by most potential employers.  The stereotype that online education is somehow easier or “softer” than traditional education has been almost completely eradicated.  Online education is a viable and efficient way to learn about graphic design.  Students of online graphic design schools can prepare for their new career at their own pace, at a lower cost, and while maintaining a current job or career.

Before enrolling in a graphic design school at an online university, it is important to perform adequate research about the online program.  Programs that sound “too good to be true” may not be accredited or well-respected in the business community.  Getting a degree in any subject field requires both time and effort.  An online degree that doesn’t require both of these is probably not worth very much.  Research the program online and ask potential employers what they think about a particular online program.  An online graphic design school should advertise itself as an accredited online university with specific coursework that will prepare its students for a career in graphic design.

While time and effort will be required, there are many online graphic design schools that offer accelerated degrees.  Certification programs will provide students with an education in less than two years.  Although these programs are not “degrees” in graphic design, they can be used to supplement a current college degree by providing you with the knowledge and experience to begin a career in graphic design.  Some schools offer Associate’s degrees in graphic design that can be completed in less than two years.  Other schools offer Bachelor’s programs that can be completed in as little as three years.  Adequate research and dedication will ensure that a student receives a high quality degree: even from an online university.

How To Learn Graphic Design Online

When you enroll in an online graphic design program, you will immediately begin receiving instruction, online lectures, and assignments in this field.  Your coursework will mimic that of traditional educational institutions.  Students will find themselves receiving lectures and instruction in:

  • Art History: to understand the historical implications of art
  • Art Theory: to understand how art affects the basic emotional and intellectual makeup of humanity
  • Art Method: to understand how color, shapes, layout, texture, images, lines, and spacing affects how humans view a work of art.  This field is crucial to effective graphic design.
  • Software and Computer Programming: to assist a graphic designer in mastering the technology used by professionals
  • Web Design and Advertisement: to teach a student about the principles of a well-designed and well-maintained website
  • Logo Design: to teach a student about the elements of a good company logo.

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