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Online Graphic Design Degree: Advice on Online Design Schools

Considering getting your graphic design diploma? Have you thought about getting an online graphic design degree? They’re cost-effective, respected & accredited.

Twenty years ago, the only way to a college-level degree was to enroll in a community college, private university, or state university.  For many Americans, this was simply not an option.  High school graduates with limited means were forced to go to work immediately after graduation, putting a secondary education on hold.  Often, college was put on hold indefinitely as it became harder and harder for Americans to make the difficult decision to go back to school.

Today, there is another option for Americans wanting to supplement their high school education with college-level courses: online universities.  In recent years, the innovations of online schooling have been so dramatic in changing the face of online education that there is virtually no distinction between traditional college and online college.  Online college students will face the same challenges, fulfill the same requirements, and complete the same tasks as students at traditional universities.  Online schooling is an option that gives people the chance to have a career and pursue an education at the same time.

Online Graphic Design Degree

For those interested in graphic design but unable to attend a full-time university, an online graphic design degree is great opportunity.  By enrolling in an online graphic design program, students open up a unique world of online instruction, online feedback from qualified instructors, access to high-tech applications and software for completing projects, and a flexible schedule that will accommodate a current job.

An online graphic design degree requires students to learn the same material that graphic design students are learning at traditional universities.  These programs are designed to provide students with the same high-quality education that is providing graphic designers with the specific knowledge required to secure exciting careers as graphic designers.

A graphic designer is responsible for a wealth of different tasks in the business community.  Businesses are hiring graphic designers to:

  • Construct and maintain websites: graphic designers build a web presence for their clients that will increase clientele and boost consumer activity.  Graphic designers must create websites that look great and function well.
  • Design a logo: logo design is a key responsibility of graphic designers.  An online graphic design degree will teach you the basics of logo design and give you the tools and expertise to create amazing logos.
  • Develop a branding plan: businesses need graphic designers to help them create a brand that will sell product and gain clients.  Online programs will teach you these skills.
  • Create animations: many companies have television commercials and online ads that are created with animation techniques taught at online universities.
  • Design print publications: while the internet is a great advertising resource, companies still need graphic designers that can design catalogs, flyers, and other printed advertisements.  These skills can all be learned through a graphic design program at an online university or certification program.

Online Graphic Design Courses

An online graphic design degree program is created to mimic a traditional degree in every possible way.  Like a traditional graphic design education program, students will complete coursework in a variety of art and graphic design-related subject areas.  Students will learn about art history and art theory, computer software design and manipulation, colors, shapes and spacing theories for aesthetically pleasing art, business management, and traditional art techniques and methods.  The education received through online graphic design courses is thorough and of the highest quality.

Online Graphic Design Masters Degree

For those who have already secured a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, an online graphic design Master’s degree is the next step in furthering a graphic design education.  Many online universities offer advanced coursework for receiving a Master’s degree in graphic design.

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