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Taking online graphic design courses to advance your degree or get a graphic design certificate is a cost-effective, popular way. Learn if it’s right for you.

The graphic design profession has exploded in recent years, and experts predict we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg.  Business models are changing as companies realize that web presence at minimal cost can be just as effective as spending thousands and thousands of dollars on television advertising, print advertising and billboard advertising.  The creative individuals who artistically compose a web presence and web advertising for businesses and companies are called graphic designers.

Because the field of graphic design is so competitive, graphic designers need a resume filled with items that will help them to stand out among the other applicants in their field.  A comprehensive and attractive portfolio, community and volunteer work, an internship or two at a reputable business or company, and a dedicated and professional education are all elements of a resume that prospective employers consider when hiring a graphic designer.  Perhaps the most important, however, is the graphic designer’s education.

Online Graphic Design Courses

Education is very significant for a graphic designer.  Because graphic design is completed using the latest technology, and because technology is adapting and transforming at such an alarming rate, graphic designers need a high-quality education to prove that they are on top of the latest techniques and methods of graphic design.  Without this education, employers may wonder if the graphic designer can keep up with the innovations being made in other businesses around the world.

For those who simply cannot uproot their lives by enrolling in a university or accredited institute of graphic design, an online certification program is an excellent choice.  Online universities are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and respected in the business community because of these innovations.  Today, online universities offering online degrees are considered to be just as reputable as a physical college or university campus.  An online university offers students access to the finest instructors providing top-notch instruction, requires students to complete the same types of projects and assignments, and gives students the same quality of education.  Employers are quickly recognizing that an online graphic design program requires students to be dependable, dedicated, and independent as well.

Online Graphic Design Degree

When a student enrolls in an online university or institution for a graphic design program, he or she can expect to take the same courses offered at a traditional university.  For graphic designers, these courses may include:

  • Art History: providing students with the necessary background in the history of art to better prepare them to make innovations of their own.
  • Art Theory: giving students unique insights into the ways art affects the human mind and emotions.  Understanding these responses helps graphic designers create art that will help their company or business.
  • Computer Software: because most graphic design work takes place on a computer, students will learn the intricacies of the leading graphic design software.
  • Web Design: many companies need graphic designers to create and maintain a web presence.  Graphic designers will learn how to create a web page that is both stylistically attractive and user-friendly.
  • Logo and Branding: designing a company logo is one of the biggest responsibilities of a graphic designer.  Students will learn about the elements of a great logo.
  • Color, Texture, Shape, Spacing: students will learn the basic elements of artistic creation and study color and spacing theory as well as texture effects. 

Free Online Graphic Design Courses

Many graphic designers choose to supplement their existing education with free resources that explain a specific software or element of graphic design.  These free courses let a graphic designer self-educate himself or herself, maintaining a thorough knowledge of the field of graphic design without spending a large amount of money on university education.

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