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Best Online Film Schools: Reviews of Online Film Degrees & Programs

Attending one of the best online film schools saves money & time. Learn what online film degree’s right for you with expert reviews of top, online film colleges.

In the past, young people who were looking to secure a career as a filmmaker, editor, or director were extremely limited in their choices.  Filmmaking degrees were only available at specialized schools for the arts and conservatories or other specialized institutions of learning. 

As the film industry as increased in size and breadth, the options for budding filmmakers have also increased.  Many state universities and local college campuses offer courses in filmmaking and even offer filmmaking degrees. 

Other universities such as the Art Institutes have hundreds of campuses across the entire country.  If a physical university is not an option for you, there are now hundreds of online choices for earning an online degree in filmmaking or film production.

Why Attend an Online Film School

The online education system is a relatively new development.  While in decades past, there were programs that were available online or through correspondence, these courses were often considered subpar and were assigned a stigma of being less-than-worthy of a well-paying and lucrative career. 

Today, that stigma has almost entirely vanished.  Producers in the film industry are willing to accept employees who have achieved degrees from accredited online institutions–especially if they have a solid resume to back it up.

There are many benefits to pursuing a film degree from an online institution.  The tuition at these universities is often considerably less than the tuition at a physical university or a conservatory. 

Often, these schools provide the same quality of education and experiential options as a physical university without the tedium of uprooting your entire life and settling in a completely new area.  Students can also save money on books, room and board fees, and other classroom fees that are incurred at a physical university. 

Online filmmaking lessons are often offered at an accelerated rate giving students the opportunity to secure a degree in filmmaking in only two or three years.  Other students opt to spread their education out over a longer time period and maintain a part-time or even a full-time job while simultaneously receiving an education.

Online Film Degrees

Choosing an online institution of education at which you will receive a film degree must be a careful and well-thought-out process.  There are many online institutions that offer low-quality educations to their students.  These universities are not accredited, and yet they attract thousands of students because they offer quick degrees at low costs. 

Unfortunately, these degrees may not mean much in the real world.  An accredited online program is always the best option.  These programs are usually maintained by a physical university. 

The quality of education at an online accredited university is always superb, and employers will recognize a student’s willpower and determination in completing a degree of this kind.

Advanced Online Film Degrees from Accredited Universities

Many schools even offer advanced degrees that can be achieved through an online program of study.  The Academy of Art University, for example, offers a Master of Fine Arts degree in film production that can be achieved without ever stepping foot on a college campus. 

These programs are intense and graduates generally go on to quickly land successful careers in a variety of film-related positions, including:

  • Directors
  • Film Editors
  • Assistant Editors
  • Directors of Photography
  • Production Designers
  • Art Directors
  • Set Designers
  • And much, much more!

Online Screenwriting Schools

For those students who are interested in the scripts of movies more so than the actual filming, an online education in screenwriting is a great way to get started in the business. 

Online screenwriting programs can range from intense 8-week programs to lengthy and beneficial two or three year programs.  These programs are often used to supplement an existing art or English language degree.

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