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Best New York Film School: Ratings & Reviews of Top NY Film Colleges

new york film school

Attending one of the best New York Film Schools exposes you to talent, connections & the inspiration of New York City. Discover top ranking NYC film programs here!

New York City: it’s the Mecca of all Americans, the hub place for modern civilization at its finest within the borders of this fine country.  New York City is home to the best of the best in restaurants, music, theater, art galleries, night life, people watching, cramped and smelly taxis, and pigeon populations. 

It’s also one of the best places to find a top film school in the United States.

The film schools offered in New York state boast phenomenal instructors, the latest in technological advancements, real world experienced unmatched anywhere else in the country, and access to thousands of resources and production companies that will assist you in your career search.

If you are considering a career as a filmmaker, film editor, or even an actor, New York is an excellent choice for furthering (or beginning) your education and gaining the necessary skills that will help you to stand out above the thousands of others clamoring for filmmaking jobs.

Why Attend a New York Film School?

The film industry is thriving even in the midst of an economic downturn.  As businesses across the nation are making deep cuts in spending and staffing requirements, the movie industry is throwing money at directors, film technicians and actors because, frankly, the economic slump has had almost no effect on the movie industry. 

Americans are still turning out in full force to see the latest blockbusters.  As such, many Americans are seriously considering the film industry as a viable career scene that will provide financial security and creative stimulation. 

To prove to potential employers that you have something those other hopefuls don’t, you’ve got to have a quality education from an outstanding educational institution.  The schools in New York offer exactly that.

Benefits of a NYC Film School

New York film schools are uniquely positioned to provide students with more than just the theory of filmmaking. 

Because of their proximity to major television and film studios, students will receive real time experience witnessing firsthand how movies are filmed, edited and produced. 

Students also have ample opportunities to secure internships and apprenticeships at major television studios.  Odds are at a New York film school your instructors will know people in the business and can provide you with valuable contact information that will help you land a career-starting internship.

Best Film Schools in NYC

There are hundreds of film schools to choose from in New York state, but none offer the dazzling lights and rich opportunities that the film schools in New York City offer. 

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the nation.  With thousands of galleries, movie theaters, premier events and cultural activities, New York City is a great place for prospective film artists to attend an accredited degree program in the filmmaking arts. 

Some of the best film schools in New York are:

  • The Tisch School of the Arts: With a student population of over forty thousand, Tisch School of the Arts is not short on talented students.  Thousands of students from all over the country converge at this prestigious institution to receive one of the best educations available.  Educated and experienced professors share the insider tips of the film industry and give you trade secrets that will help you succeed.
  • Juilliard: Everyone who is familiar with the performing arts world has heard of the prestigious Juilliard School of the arts.  Juilliard is the cream of the crop as far as film schools are concerned, and anyone who attends Juilliard is nearly guaranteed to find work.
  • The Art Institutes: This accredited institution has campuses all over the nation, but it’s New York City campus is one of its finest.

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