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Best London Film School: Reviews of London Filmmaking Universities

london film school

London is home to some of the top film schools worldwide. Discover the best London film schools as our experts rate & review London’s top filmmaking colleges.

Americans looking for a great place to attend a film school might not readily consider crossing the Atlantic Ocean in order to achieve this.  However, the world on the other side of the pond has a wide variety of exciting options for the budding filmmaker. 

London is a hub for some of the greatest innovations in filmmaking, acting, and other forms of artistry.  With its rich history, numerous art galleries, historic West End featuring Broadway-style live production, cinemas, museums, and beautiful architecture, a film student who finds a home in London would never be lost for inspiration.

Why Attend a London Film School

The quality of education in London film schools is rivaled only by the educational quality of American film schools

Both of these regions offer schools dedicated to the art of film that boast brand new innovations in educational style and method, student access to the latest in technological advancements and software, and a unique preparation for a career as a filmmaker. 

England’s Education Compared to America

England’s schools are notorious for their rigidly high standards and their guaranteed success for graduates of their challenging programs.  Students who choose to attend a film school in London will stand a greater chance of making an impression on a potential employer in America. 

An employer who sees that you traveled to another continent in order to receive the best possible education in filmmaking will know that you are serious about your craft and dedicated to the filmmaking industry. 

Many students who attend filmmaking school overseas choose to stay there, opting to secure a career in an English film or television studio by using the many contacts and relationships they’ve formed there rather than return to America and start over again from scratch. 

Because there is no language barrier for an expat living in London, the transition to a residence in England is usually pretty smooth for Americans.

Reviews of London Film Schools

One of the most notable film schools in London is the London Film School. 

The London Film School is one of the oldest film schools in the world.  It was founded in 1956 and continues to provide a superb education in film production, film writing and filmmaking to its students. 

The London Film School offers students a two-year Master’s degree in filmmaking.  The program is very rigorous and requires students to participate in many hands on activities and lab work rather than take notes in a classroom while a professor lectures.

Most students prefer this style of education and love the challenges provided by the London Film School.  Entrance into the school is very competitive and the tuition is quite pricey. 

Add in the fact that the cost of living in London, England is much more expensive than almost anywhere in the United States, and you’re facing quite a costly education. However, the increased tuition prices and cost of living is compensated for by the wealth of information and education you will receive at the London Film School.

You can offset your costs by applying for a film school scholarship

The educators at this institution are seasoned veterans in the filmmaking industry.  Each instructor has a lengthy background in film production and has many contacts and relationships that can be used to assist you in a job search after graduation. 

Because this program is a post-secondary program, your fellow students will all be dedicated filmmakers with a wealth of experience under their belts before classes even begin. 

Many students learn more from their fellow classmates than they do from their professors.  The young students are able to challenge themselves to form new innovations and methods for film design. 

Students will learn the intricate art of:

  • Film Editing
  • Screen Writing
  • Film Design
  • Directing
  • Acting for the Screen
  • Sound Editing and Production

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