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How to Make Video Games: Guide for Making Flash, 2D & Online Games

how to make video games

Ever consider a game making career? Salaries are top-notch & jobs are plentiful! Start here to learn how to make video games & start your adventure.

Being a video game addict yourself, you might have developed the enthusiasm towards coming up with your own game. One where you can fulfill your dream game in all facets: the storyline, characters, special effects, and even the villains.

Sounds great, right? But by now, you’re probably thinking that making your own video game must be as  elusive as it sounds,  think again–you’ll be shocked that it’s fairly easy—with the right education.

All thanks to modern technology, you won’t need to worry about cumbersome programming; all you need to focus on is game design. Do you want your game in 2D or as a flash game? Whichever you want, you’ll learn it firsthand. Which means, what you only need is enough persistence to carry you ‘til the end.

How to Make Video Games

In making 2D games you need to visualize how your game’s going to be before anything. Creating a detailed outline of your characters, enemies, stages, and, especially the storyline is actually the first step to be done.

Downloading, installing, and using drawing software would suffice in translating your concept to your computer.

Also, download Platform Studios; you can take advantage of setting up your 2D game through this without having to study computer language. Just remember that if you want this 2D game to be loved by many, you’d need to add some artistic designs to do the trick.

How to Make Flash Games

Flash is a dynamic tool you can use in making games. This tool makes your game  far more visually entertaining than a 2D game. And if your goal is to make an educational game, flash is the best tool in your toolbox.

The drawback is that Flash requires an in-depth grasp of its use before you can actually come up with your own game.

You also need to consider as to what type of flash game you’re making:

  • Do you plan on creating a guessing game?
  • How about a shooting one?
  • Racing?
  • Or maybe a simple memory game?

Flash games are really complex to understand, and you really need a tutorial for every type of game.

So here’s a link to a free tutorial:

How to Make Video Games for Free

If you’re dead serious in creating your own game, then you should at least know that there’s a price to pay. But that only applies if you are trying to make a complex game using flash software or Adobe Suites, which would require you a lot of money.

But if that’s not what you want, don’t get depressed as there are alternatives that are not only fully functional but are also free of charge. Hooray!

This includes the Genesis game engine and Reality Factory game development suite; these two work well especially for beginners. It requires the same steps as that of making a 2D game

How to Make Computer Games

There is no limit in crafting your own computer game; you simply need good software that supports it. And for a start, why not try Game Maker?

This software is proven and tested to give you what you want. Once, you’ve actually downloaded and installed the software, you just need to rely on the instructions that come with it. And presto! Keep the games going!

See? Making a computer or a video game is after all a breezy read, not because it sounds simple to make, but it really is simple to do! So make your dream game today!

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