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How Are Video Games Made? Learn How to Make a Video Game

how are video games made

How are video games made? With hard-work, dedication & a well-educated team from a top game design college. Want to join their team? You gotta start here!

So Kobe got a free throw in the last minute. He shot the ball with all his pride, but it was futile. He sordidly shook his head, and so did you. And, you just threw the controller to the ground as ‘You Lose’ flashed on the screen.

Well, some days are better than the other, and that video game turned out to be a tough one. But, hey! That’s how video games keep your attention drawn to them: they challenge you.

After a game or two, you must have asked yourself how these games are made. Yet after a lot of attempts in answering this, your efforts turned out to be the same as that shot Kobe made: futile.

Good thing, you landed on this webpage, you’re about to know the real deal

How Are Video Games Made: From Start To Finish

Creating video games requires time and a lot of effort. It needs a step-by-step approach for successful completion. Here are the following steps:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Brainstorming
  • Character designing
  • Concept animating
  • Programming and engineering
  • Testing

How Games Are Made – Just Like a Movie

What happens at the end of the movie? No, not the good guy wins. After that. When you hit the ending, a flow of names and designations appears; this is the closing credits. You’d see the name of the director, the producer, animators, etc.

Just like any movie, games also have closing credits, and from that, you’d get the answer of how games are built: they require a lot of people and a lot of processing as well.

Here’s a quick run-down of the process in building a computer game:

  1. Video game console makers provide video game developers with software packages upon request
  2. Video game developers use the software to come up with game ideas that would go smoothly with the appropriate console
  3. Video game designers conceptualize what game style and design would work well in the market
  4. Programmers begin working, encoding the ideas in all sorts of languages
  5. After everything has been encoded, extensive testing is done to assure that the game would work well, and would do well in the market
  6. How To Make a Video Game Today!

    You must be dying to create your own game, but we get it–there’s a lot of anxiety around programming languages.

    Well, you shouldn’t be worried anymore. Even though you know nothing about Visual Basic, Perl, or Python, with all the game creating softwares and schools today, you can get the education needed to start your game designing & programming career.

    And guess what? There are even free tools & programs out there that guide you through creating a game, even with limited knowledge of programming languages!

    Tools Needed for Making Video Games

    Here are the most popular game creation programs that require no sweat at all; all you need to do is to follow instructions:

    • Game Editor
    • Game Maker
    • Clean Game Library
    • Adventure Game Studio

    So go ahead, be that Kobe today! Create and play your own game by your own volition, and you’ll never know what goodies this might bring you. You might be the next game creator tycoon.

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