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Graphic Design Tutorial: Importance of Staying Up To Date on Programs

graphic design tutorial

Graphic design careers are competitive. To be successful, you must stay ahead of the game. Find the best graphic design tutorials here & learn how to stay ahead.

Even if you have been working as a graphic designer for five, ten or twenty years, the evolving technology and software updates makes it necessary to continue learning new tricks of the trade continuously for many more years to come.

Consider those graphic designers who used to perform graphic design the old-fashioned way, with drawings and paste-up boards or storyboards that were real drawings done by hand.  Computer drawing and graphic design tools have come a long way to enhance the industry.

Graphic Design Tutorials: Staying Ahead of the Game

Staying on top of these changes within the graphic design industry is imperative to the growth of your skills as a graphic artist.  Every year some of the new software programs keep coming out with a new edition with enhanced tools and design capabilities.

However, if you don’t know how to use these new tools, then other top graphic designers may have an edge on you, and therefore get the better paying design jobs.  You can stay on top of the game and keep a competitive edge simply by doing your own ‘homework’ beyond what you learned at graphic design or art school.

Benefits of Graphic Design Tutorials

The wonderful world of the internet makes it possible for you to do just that.  Of course you are probably familiar with many popular video services like YouTube and

These sites, as well as many more offer a wealth of tutorials to learn and keep informed of all the latest and greatest news, tips and tricks for graphic artists. You can study them on your own and even learn new graphic design techniques that art school didn’t teach you.

Graphic design software is the #1 tool of any graphic artist in today’s competitive art industry. But what are the best and most loved graphic design software and applications recommended by pros?  Well, that all depends on what type of career in graphic design you choose to focus upon.

Best Graphic Design Software

To learn what is some of the best graphic design software, look no further.

These are the Top 10 graphic design software most used by pros within the graphic arts industry:

  1. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS4
  3. The Adobe Creative Suite with Illustrator, Flash, InDesign
  4. Autodesk 3DS Mask 2012
  5. ArtRage Studio Pro
  6. Paint Shop Pro Photo X3
  7. Xara Designer Pro 6
  8. Google SketchUp Pro 8
  9. QuarkXPress
  10. Serif Page Plus X5

No matter which professional graphic arts software becomes your personal favorite, it is almost certain that a newer version with more tools and functions will replace it every couple of years. That’s why in order to stay ahead of the competition you must begin making those free graphic design tutorials online your best friend!

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