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Best Graphic Design Schools in California

Discover the best graphic design schools in California as our experts rank graphic design programs & colleges in southern, central & northern California.

When the average American thinks of California, a few vivid images jump readily to mind.  Sunny beaches, glamorous celebrities, breezy salty- sea air, highbrow shopping, and a hip, young party scene are only tiny fractions of the amazing sights, sounds and opportunities provided by this beautiful state.  While there may not be any more gold in the hills of California, this state is nevertheless filled with treasure of all kinds and forms. 

California, known for its fashion industry and movie-producing mania, is also a hub for artists of all kinds.  With galleries on every street corner, caricature and landscape artists selling art to tourists, and art schools of all kinds, California is a great place for an eager artist to seek a competitive and high-quality education that will serve him or her in finding and maintaining a lucrative career.  Graphic designers are flocking to California to enroll in some of the great institutes of learning offered in its golden hills.

Graphic Design Schools in California

California is the third largest state in the United States of America, but it boasts the largest population in the country!  Because of its enormous population, California is filled with opportunities for all of its citizens.  One of those opportunities exists in the accredited and renowned institutes of art that can be found here.

When students attend graphic design school in California, they find themselves in a place where education is uniquely paired with experience.  Unlike an art program in a sparsely populated state like Iowa or South Dakota, California offers students the chance to learn as much about graphic design outside of the classroom as inside the classroom.

 Students can visit galleries and museums that feature the latest innovations in creative graphic design.  Students can also secure highly beneficial internships at one of the thousands of modern and forward-thinking businesses within California’s borders.  California is also home to Disneyland, an enormous and popular theme park offering thousands of educational opportunities in the field of graphic design and animation design.  With just as much graphic design teaching occurring outside the universities as inside the classroom, students who go to school in California receive a constant flow of stimulation and education.

Graphic Design Programs in California

There are many, many universities and colleges in California offering coursework in graphic design and the graphic arts.  A complete list of these programs can be found on the internet.  Students who are considering a California college or university should carefully research the institution in question and the surrounding area.  Huge cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento offer the widest variety of opportunity; however, the tuition and other expenses incurred at a school in one of these cities may be quite expensive when compared to smaller California cities.

Some of the top-rated graphic design schools in California are:

  • The Art Institute of California-Sacramento: the Art Institutes are famous across the entire country, and the quality of education received at any of the campuses can be expected to be superb.  Attending one of the Art Institutes of California offers students the chance to live in an artistic, fast-paced metropolis.
  • International Academy of Design And Technology: this academy is recognized as one of the best art schools in the world.  With real-world application and focus, employers know that a graduate from the International Academy of Design and Technology is prepared to succeed.
  • Brooks Institute: the Brooks Institue has Bachelor’s programs in a variety of graphic arts and graphic design fields. 
  • Westwood College: based out of Colorado, Westwood has a campus in Southern California.  This college offers graphic design courses that can be completed in only three years!

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