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Graphic Design Pricing Guide: Info on Freelance Graphic Design Costs

graphic design pricing

Pricing your graphic design services is a tricky course. Read our graphic design pricing guide & learn how to convert leads, not turn them away with your prices.

While many companies do employ full-time graphic designers on staff, many smaller businesses simply cannot afford to pay a graphic designer full-time when they only need a few significant projects completed each year.  Many graphic designers prefer working for these smaller businesses because they have a larger range of freedom and creativity in the projects they complete.  Smaller businesses offer an intimacy that large corporations cannot offer.  If you are a graphic designer who is seeking a more personal element to the services you provide, you may wish to consider freelance graphic design.

Freelancing is a term given to individuals who are not employed by any business or company.  Freelancers find all their work themselves and engage in this work on a case-by-case basis.  Freelancers build a clientele, set their own deadlines, keep their own hours, and determine their own pay scale.  While a lot of work goes into developing a freelance writing career, the rewards are numerous.  Many freelancers who are just starting out struggle with one huge question: how much should I charge for my graphic design projects?

Graphic Design Pricing

Graphic design is a tricky monster to deal with.  There are no hard and fast rules with regard to the pricing of different projects.  Each project will require a different level of work, a different level of skill, and a different level of investment.  Experience is the only real way to be sure your prices are accurate and reasonable.  However, you can remember a few helpful tips when pricing for your freelance graphic design work.

First, remember that you are not an amateur.  A freelance graphic designer with a degree in graphic design is an expert in his or her field.  Yes, your client’s friends and family members may think they are whizzes with Photoshop, but you possess a skill level and expertise level that sets you apart from them.  Clients who want quality work completed are aware that quality costs money.  Do not sell yourself short when pricing for your clients.  You are an artist.  You are a person of business.  Act in such a way, and clients will treat you that way.

A successful freelancing graphic designer offers a wide variety of services.  Clients will pay for this wealth of knowledge and skill.  Graphic designers with successful freelance careers know how to complete both online and offline projects for their customers.  For example, a freelance graphic designer should be familiar with:

Logo design and branding: clients need to be aware that time and effort go into creating a logo.  Have a portfolio of suggestions, so clients know your capabilities.

Web design and maintenance: designing a website, when done right, involves a lot of skill and some tough work!  Clients should be made aware of the time and effort that goes into producing a high-quality website.

Print Publication design: designing for paper is entirely different than designing for the internet.

E-mail and Newsletter design: graphic designers are not writers.  They are artists.  Clients should have the text of a document finalized before providing the graphic designer with the project.

Graphic Design Pricing Guide

The best way to assess a reasonable price for any given job is to calculate how much your time is worth.  Freelance graphic designers make anywhere from $15 to $500 an hour for their work.  That is a huge difference that is based on experience of the designer, means of the client, and required skills.  First, calculate how much time you estimate the project will take to complete.  Decide if you are going to charge your client a flat fee or bill them hourly.  Finally, decide how much your expertise and skill level is worth.

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