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Graphic Design Job Description: Graphic Designer Career & Salary Info

graphic design job description

Considering a career as a graphic designer? Read our graphic design job description & learn job titles & salary info for freelance & in-house graphic designers.

Every day we encounter visual aids and aesthetic images that have been created by graphic designers.  When you glance at a billboard on the street, you are viewing the work of a graphic designer.  When you receive a flyer for discounted pizza on your doorknob, you’ve received the work of a graphic designer.  A flashy website, a classy e-mail notification, a beautiful catalog, an eye-catching blog, or a hilarious commercial have all most likely been created by talented graphic designers.

Graphic design is everywhere, and its presence in the business world of today is projected to increase exponentially.  Unlike other jobs which are being filled too quickly and leaving hundreds of thousands of applicants without a source of income, graphic design jobs are opening up faster than qualified individuals can apply for them.  If you are in school to be a graphic designer or are taking courses in art at a university, you may wish to consider the wealth of opportunity provided by a career in graphic design.

Graphic Design Job Description

Because graphic design is the art of business, its description in today’s world is as varied as the thousands of businesses operating in America.  Each business has a unique set of needs and projects to be completed, and each of these needs requires a specific skill from a graphic designer.  While there are consistencies from job to job in the field of graphic design, graphic artists can fully expect to meet a new set of challenges each and every day: a tantalizing proposition for a creative artist.

A graphic designer that is kept on staff at a large corporation will most likely have a large and detailed job description.  Depending on the company’s current needs, the projects and daily tasks of the graphic designer will change.  Some of these tasks may include:

Designing and maintaining a company website: because a large bulk of business today is conducted on the internet, a company’s website is often its biggest selling point.  Studies have shown that companies with a web presence perform exceedingly better than companies stuck in the paper and pencil era.  Maintaining an effective website is one of the chief duties of graphic designers.

Designing publication materials: while companies do conduct a great deal of business on the internet, most companies still send out physical publications to potential clients.  These publications must be designed in a way that will catch and captivate a potential consumer’s attention.  Publication types may include newsletters, catalogs, magazines or advertisement flyers.

Keeping a blog: many companies announce sales and important information via a web log, or blog.  Like an online journal, a blog is an easy way for consumers to access important company information.  These blogs, however, must be hip and aesthetically pleasing.  A graphic designer makes that happen.

Developing a logo: If you see the golden arches, you immediately think of McDonald’s.  A silver apple with a bite taken out of it makes you think of the advanced technological gadgetry of Apple, Inc.  These logos are crucial for businesses, and they were all designed by talented graphic designers.

Graphic Design Salary

Because the job descriptions of graphic designers are so varied, the salaries of graphic designers are also widespread.  However, graphic designers are a crucial part of any successful business, and so they are usually well-compensated.  Graphic designers at an entry-level position can often expect a starting salary of over $30,000.  Within five years, this salary often increases to $60,000 or more.  The graphic designer is definitely excluding from the generalization of the “starving artist.”  Graphic designers have found a way to make art a profitable enterprise.

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