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Graphic Design Internship Info: How to Get a Paid Summer Internship

graphic design internship

There are many graphic design summer internships. Learn the best paid & unpaid ones, including advice on landing a Disney graphic design internship.

A career as a graphic designer can be a rewarding, stimulating and fun way to turn your creativity into a salary!  Unlike other forms of art such as performing art or aesthetic art, graphic design is art brought to the business world.  Professional artists who enjoy the fast-paced business life will love graphic design.  Company owners today are scrambling to find the best of the best in graphic design because they realize the power that a well-designed logo, newsletter or publication can have on the public’s opinion of the company.

If you crave a job in the business community but don’t want to let go of your love for art, consider a career in graphic design.  You’ll need a college education in graphic design methods, theory, technique and technology, but the rewards you’ll receive from this exciting career are more than worth the investment.  If you are currently attending a university and are enrolled in a graphic design program, you are well on your way to a great graphic design career.   Something that will definitely assist you on your road to success is a graphic design internship.

The Importance of the Graphic Design Internship

Internships are great ways for students to develop a specific set of skills and talents, to hone their craft, and to get a leg up in the competitive business world.  In the past, internships were limited to careers such as medicine and law; today, however, thousands of businesses and companies are offering internships for students: even graphic design students!

Why opt to attend a graphic design internship?  After all, you may have to give up your entire summer break, and you probably won’t be making a lot of money.  In fact, some internships provide only a stipend for living expenses, and other internships in graphic design offer no pay at all.  Why in the world would you want to give up your time and money for nothing?  Because, in fact, it’s not for nothing.

Internships are, by some, considered to be the best way to advance your graphic design career before you even graduate college.  A graphic design internship has several positive effects on your future:

Real world practice: many graphic design students have no idea what a real graphic design job is like.  An internship will give you a window into life as a graphic designer.  You’ll observe and complete small projects and, by the end of your internship, have a better understanding of whether this is the career for you.

Feedback: an internship is a great way to get feedback from other sources than your professors or instructors.  Working at an internship gives you a chance to practice your skills and talents and receive crucial feedback on your job performance.

Networking: when you work at a graphic design internship, you are surrounded by the people in your desired field.  These co-workers may become valuable assets to you when you begin your job search.

Company placement: often an internship leads to a full-time graphic design position when a student graduates from his or her graphic design program.  By making a good impression, working hard, having a good attitude, and getting to know your co-workers, you just might have a job waiting for you when you receive your diploma.

Graphic Design Paid Internship

While many internships are unpaid, you may occasionally find an internship at a company that is large enough to pay their interns.  The pay won’t be astounding, but the life experience will make up for the deficit.  Remember, even an unpaid internship deserves your full dedication and attention to detail.  Maintain a positive attitude, and remember that someone is always watching you.

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