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Graphic Design Employment Opportunities: Beginning Your Job Search

graphic design employment

Steady, freelance graphic design employment is difficult to find. You’re better starting in-house. Learn how to begin your graphic design career & job search.

Artists have long-since been stereotyped as struggling bohemians who paint ghastly scenes on canvas that reflect their own inner torment.  While this type of artist does exist, and probably will forever, it is impossible to lump all artists into this stereotypical caricature.  Today, artists come in many different forms and work in many different industries.

Some artists choose to be art therapists, helping people struggling with loss, depression, or anxiety by exposing them to the world of art.  Other artists choose to spend their lives examining and displaying the art of others.  These artists find full-time employment in art galleries and museums across the world.  Some artists choose to teach.  Others spend their time searching for and restoring historical art with lasting value.  Other artists choose to join the world of business and give their talents and their time to helping businesses communicate more effectively with the masses.  These artists are known as graphic designers.

Graphic Design Employment

All nonsensical stereotypes aside, graphic design is commonly thought to be the most financially reliable art form in existence today.  The reliability of graphic design comes directly from the great need of businesses to produce advertisements and information that is visually appealing to potential customers.  Because the internet is so present in our society, many businesses rely on graphic designers’ wealth of knowledge in computer software and technological advancements.

Graphic Design Career

Finding a career as a graphic designer is challenging of course, but the job outlook for graphic designers is better today than it ever has been.  In fact, in the next ten years the job market for graphic designers is projected to increase by nearly a quarter.  If you are a graphic designer hoping to find employment upon graduation, there are a few things you can do right now to assist you in your job search:

Attend an accredited university: very few companies will hire graphic design artists who do not have at least a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design.  For those that cannot travel to an accredited university, an online college offering degrees in the graphic arts is a viable option.

Secure an internship:  Internships, although they are often unpaid or pay very little, are one of the best ways to jump start your career and secure employment in graphic design.  Internships help you to hone your craft, develop contents and networks, and can even lead to full-time employment upon graduation.  An internship also looks great on a resume.

Participate in your community: employers love to see graphic designers who have completed charity work or have participated in community activities.  Enter a contest, design a logo for a non-profit agency, or offer your graphic design services to a well-known charity.  This kind of dedication goes a long way in a job search.

Put together a unique portfolio: the portfolio is very important in a graphic design job search.  Employers look through your portfolio to gain insight into the quality of your work.  Your portfolio should be professional and of the highest quality.  Choose a case for your portfolio that will show an employer you are serious.  Select work for your portfolio that shows the widest representation of your skill and talent.

Build a resume: the portfolio is important, but the resume is the first thing an employer sees.  Your resume should include your contact information, your goals for the future, your education and experience, your skills and special talents, and should list community work and awards you have achieved.  Check your resume carefully for spelling and content errors, as this can leave a bad taste in the mouths of potential employers.

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