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Graphic Design Education: Requirements & Rankings of Design Schools

graphic design education

A graphic design education preps you for a successful digital arts career. Discover rankings of graphic design online & campus schools to find one right for you.

Decades ago, business conducted their advertising through print publications, billboards, commercials and word of mouth.  Many businesses hired artists to paint, draw, or even sculpt works of art that were used as advertising.  Magazines, catalogs and billboards were the only places where art work could be used as an effective form of advertising.  In recent years, the computer has drastically changed that traditional pattern.  Today, almost every American citizen has direct, continued access to a computer and the internet.  Americans spend more time online than they do driving, shopping, watching television, reading, or even eating!  Because of this online trend, businesses are realizing that the greatest advertising potential is on the web.  For that, they turn to graphic designers.

Graphic designers are artists that create works of art using technological advancements.  These artists create art for businesses and corporations rather than pleasure or personal gain.  Graphic design career opportunities are expected to grow exponentially as more and more businesses turn to the internet and computers for advertising.  A career in graphic design can be a lucrative choice for the future; however, it does require an initial investment in a high-quality education.

Graphic Design Education

Because computers, software, the internet and technology changes so rapidly, it is important for graphic designers to be educated in the latest techniques and technology.  Employers know this; many employers will simply not hire a graphic designer who doesn’t have credentials of education at an accredited institution, university or college.  A graphic designer’s body of work and talent may be extensive, but without an education in graphic design, he or she may encounter difficulty in finding employment.

If you are interested in graphic design, there are thousands of opportunities in America and across the world for graphic design education.  State universities, private colleges, institutes of art and online programs offer coursework in graphic design.  This coursework will prepare you for a career in graphic design by giving you the education required to stand out in a highly competitive field.

Graphic design education is highly varied and quite enjoyable for most students.  Unlike traditional college coursework, a lecture-based style of teaching is rarely found.  Graphic design is intensely tactile and hands-on.  Students will find themselves exposed directly to graphic design in its many formats.  Through continual computer and software practice, design projects, and examples of successful and unsuccessful graphic design endeavors, students will receive a stimulating and effective education in graphic design.

Graphic Design Online Education

Many students who are incapable of going to school full-time or traveling to an institution that offers coursework in graphic design are discovering the opportunities provided by an online education in graphic design.  As online education has matured and grown more sophisticated, the stigma has almost completely disappeared.  Years ago, employers may have hesitated to hire an artist with an online education.  Today, however, that is simply not the case.  Employers know that an online education is a viable option and great source of instruction and knowledge.  Employers also know that an online education in graphic design requires many admirable characteristics, such as:

  • Determination: taking education into one’s own hands is difficult, and many aren’t capable of completing an online degree.
  • Discipline: because the coursework is all online, students must be disciplined in completing their assignments and coursework.
  • Intelligence: online education requires an intellectual ability to focus and understand material presented online.
  • Independence: online education can only be completed by resilient students with the independence to complete something without outside assistance.

An online education is a great place to receive a degree in graphic design.  Many employers will commend graduates of online graphic design programs and eagerly hire them for employment.

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