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Graphic Design Careers: Info & Job Description of Graphic Designers

graphic design careers

Graphic design careers allow you to work from your pj’s, the salary’s great & the job’s creatively indulging. Learn a graphic designer salary & career info here.

The art world has changed drastically with the increase of jobs available for graphic designers.  A graphic designer is an artist who uses his or her talents in the business community.  Whereas traditional artists create art that communicates an emotion or a statement about the situation of humanity, graphic designers create art that allows a business to more effectively communicate with potential clients and consumers.

Graphic design programs are popping up all over the country, and talented artists are focusing their skills on developing great technological skills in graphic design.  If you are considering a career in graphic design, you’ve chosen a great path!  Graphic design jobs are projected to grow, offering artists the chance at a challenging, inspiring and financially secure artistic career.

Graphic Designer Resume

Every job-seeker needs a great resume when hunting for his or her dream job, but the resume becomes much more important when discussing a graphic designer’s job search.  Employers need to quickly see your goals as a graphic designer, your graphic design education, your experience in the field of graphic design, and any information that will set you apart from your competitors.  A great resume lands a great job.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Some graphic designers opt to find most of their work on a case by case basis.  This type of graphic design is known as freelancing.  Many small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time graphic artists, and these businesses hire freelance artists to fulfill their needs.  There is plenty of work to be found in freelance graphic design if you know where to look.

Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

The graphic design field is constantly changing which makes for an interesting job dynamic.  Many entry-level jobs come with surprisingly high compensation and great benefits.  Entry level graphic designers find themselves being mentored by the best in their field: entry level positions put you on the fast track to success.

Graphic Design Internship

Securing an internship in graphic design is a fantastic way to jump-start your career as a graphic artist.  While many internships don’t pay much, and some don’t pay at all, the benefits of an internship come from the life experience, not the salary.  Internships allow you to learn a great deal about the field of graphic design and receive feedback on your own work.  With an internship, you’ll find yourself making great contacts in your field and creating a network that will assist you when you graduate.  Some internships even lead to full-time positions after graduation!

Graphic Design Portfolios

The portfolio is the most important part of a graphic designer’s arsenal when applying for jobs.  A professionally crafted portfolio sets you apart from others in your field.  By choosing a sampling of your work that showcases your unique talents, you are more likely to gain a potential employer’s attention.  The first and last items in your portfolio should showcase your best work, and you may be surprised to learn that the case your portfolio comes in says a lot about your abilities as a graphic designer.  The more work you put in to your portfolio, the greater you chances of success!

Graphic Design Salaries

Because graphic designers are in such high demand in small and large businesses alike, this occupation offers competitive salaries.  Even entry level graphic design positions come with a higher than average salary for recent college graduates.  In a few short years, you can double your income and secure your place in a profitable, reliable industry.

Jobs In Graphic Design

There are thousands of different jobs in graphic design.  The jobs are as widely varied as the businesses that require graphic design artists to complete their needs.  Graphic designers may find themselves completing a lot of work online for clients: improving or redesigning a company’s web presence is one of the most common jobs that a graphic designer will perform.  The web is a great place for marketing strategies and businesses are employing graphic designers to make their web site the best it can be!

Graphic Arts Jobs

Graphic artists are finding employment in a wide variety of places.  Freelance graphic designers often do a great deal of their work for smaller, more intimate businesses.  Other graphic artists find employment in large companies and work with a team of graphic designers.  Graphic designers are often given the task of designing a logo for a prominent company.  This important task requires artists to design an eye-catching, memorable logo that will communicate a business’s purpose and ideals to potential clients.

Graphic Design Employment

Businesses all over the world are snatching up graphic designers to complete a variety of artistic tasks for them.  As the business strategies change, the jobs for graphic designers change.  This process is never-ending.  Graphic designers may be required to design a web page, create a logo, assist with a company’s branding endeavors, design printed publications like newsletters, magazines, catalogs, or advertising flyers, or even design a twenty foot billboard on the interstate!

Graphic Design Job Description

A graphic designer will almost always have work on his or her plate.  The need for graphic designers in the business community is exploding.  Graphic designers must be comfortable with the latest computer software: using the most modern techniques to create aesthetically appealing works of art that communicate to a modern civilization.  Graphic designers must also perform well under pressure and respond well to deadlines, criticism, and suggested revisions to their work.

Graphic Design Job Outlook

You don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to realize that the outlook is very good for graphic design careers in the United States.  The latest information reveals projections of a 20% growth in the graphic design industry.  This growth is due to the increasing need for attention-grabbing artwork that will make businesses and enterprises stand out.  The internet is also playing a huge role in calling for more graphic designers.  More business is conducted on the internet today than anywhere else, and graphic designers are the geniuses behind the keyboard.

Graphic Design Pricing

Many freelance graphic designers struggle with determining a reasonable price for their services.  It’s important to realize that a graphic designer with a degree is a professional, not an amateur.  Your clients are paying you for your expertise, knowledge, and unique set of skills.  Deciding what your talents are worth is the first step in accurately pricing your services.

Graphic Design Scholarships

Today, most employers are willing to hire only those graphic designers who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at an accredited university or private institution.  Tuition prices, like gas prices, are sky-rocketing and many students are left wondering how they will pay for school.  If you are an aspiring graphic designer looking to further your education at the college level, you may want to consider the many scholarships available to help offset college costs.

Starting A Graphic Design Business

If you are a graphic designer employed full-time and looking for more freedom or a freelancer looking for more stability, starting your own graphic design business is a perfect place to meet in the middle.  With your own graphic design business, you control the projects you take on.  You can hire additional graphic designers and secure a place in this exploding enterprise!

Careers in Graphic Design

Careers in graphic design pay well, offer freedom to work remotely, & to be your own boss. Sound appealing? Learn more with our graphic design job descriptions.

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