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Graphic Arts Jobs & Careers: Info on Salary & Job Description

graphic arts jobs

Stable graphic arts jobs are hard to find, but 100s of graphic designers find employment freelancing. Learn the average graphic design salary & job description.

The way companies do business has been rapidly changing and transforming.  Because businesses rely on people to bring in revenue, these businesses must customize their approach to appeal to the moods and desires of the general population.  We live, today, in the age of the internet.  Social media, web-based shopping, and internet media sources occupy a huge part of our daily routine. 

Today, many companies are abandoning the use of the billboard and struggling to bring their presence into the 21st century.  These companies are achieving this by using graphic designers for all their advertising needs.

Graphic designers are artists; this is undeniable.  A graphic designer must be creative, must have a great knowledge of art theory, and must be talented in executing a beautiful and effective creation. 

Unlike traditional artists, though, who create art to communicate human emotion or the human situation, graphic designers create art to help translate the business world to the average human.

Graphic Arts Jobs

Most businesses and companies today have utilized the talents of a graphic designer or graphic arts at some point in their existence.  If a company has a logo, sends out an e-mail, mails a flyer or newsletter, airs a commercial on television, releases a catalog of printed publication, or has a web presence, a graphic designer has worked hard to perfect the visual effects. Because businesses recognize the inherent power of visual effects in effective marketing, graphic designers are very well compensated for their talents and their time.

Graphic Arts Careers

The career scene for graphic artists has changed a great deal in the past decade.  Today, many graphic artists find the bulk of their work through freelancing endeavors.  A freelance graphic designer is not employed by any agency or business. 

Instead, he or she finds work on a case by case basis.  There are many websites dedicated to securing jobs for freelance graphic designers.  Many of these websites allow graphic designers to develop a portfolio of their work, post a resume, and negotiate things like prices and deadlines. 

Freelance graphic design work is an option that many graphic artists prefer because it provides them with the freedom to select exactly what jobs they wish to work on.

Graphic Arts Employment

For those that prefer a more consistent and predictable environment, a job on the staff of a large company or wealth business may be a better fit.  Many companies staff full-time graphic designers because of the large amount of graphic arts projects they require each month. 

Graphic designers on staff at companies will find themselves working on a variety of different projects.  Some of these projects may include:

Web development: either creating a brand new website or updating an old our outdated website is a common responsibility for a graphic design artist.

Social media presence: Using Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, many graphic designers seek to boost their company’s renown

Newsletters: often companies send out weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletters to clients or investors.  While the text of these newsletters is composed by other employees, the layout and design of the newsletter is given to the graphic designers

E-mail advertising: e-mails are now being sent out with beautiful graphic displays.  A graphic designer knows how to make e-mails into eye-catching advertising techniques

Catalog or magazine publication: businesses that sell a large variety of goods may release a regular catalog to potential consumers. 

Companies like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Pottery Barn release magazines that are artfully constructed to make their products more appealing.  Graphic designers are responsible for the layout and sometimes the photography in these publications.

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