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Best Graphic Art Schools: Graphic Design College & School Rankings

graphic art schools

Considering a digital arts career? Stop in & discover the best graphic art schools! We have rankings of the top graphic design & animation colleges.

Are you looking for a career that will feed the creative part of your identity without sacrificing a paycheck that will provide for basic necessities?  Many artists are growing increasingly frustrated as they look for a niche that will allow them to create works of art and receive compensation for that art.  The art world has changed dramatically in the past decade.  As cheap stock prints adorn more and more American walls, the need for high-quality artists is diminishing in the United States.  Galleries are closing across the country, artists are out of work, and the art future looks bleak.

That trend, however, is drastically reversed in the field of graphic design.  As more traditional artists struggle to find employment, graphic designers can barely keep up with the explosion of jobs waiting at their fingertips.  The graphic design job outlook is at its best ever.  Projected to grow by almost 25% in the next ten years, businesses are scrambling to find graphic designers before they get snatched up by a competitor.  A career in graphic design is nearly guaranteed to provide you with a creative outlet and a steady paycheck: an artist’s dream.

Graphic Art Schools

To really compete in today’s graphic art market, a graphic artist must receive an education from an accredited university, college or institute of art.  Because the field of graphic design is adapting at such an incredible rate, those who haven’t received the appropriate training will simply not be able to keep up.  Businesses know that the software used in today’s graphic design is complex and intricate.  A trained graphic designer will have a better understanding of this software and will, therefore, be better equipped to produce high-quality work for his or her employer.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options to consider when choosing a graphic art school or training program.  Schools in all fifty states offer courses in graphic design or computer animation.  A simple internet search will return pages upon pages of accredited universities known for their excellent graphic design programs.  Whether you are looking for an online program, a program in your home state, or a program in one of the art hubs of America, you are guaranteed to find a graphic design program that will uniquely and adequately suit your specific needs.

Best Graphic Art Schools

The Art Institutes and The Academy of Art University are two of the most prevalent and well-respected institutions in the country.  These schools have campuses from the west coast to the east coast, and both boast online programs as well.  The tuition for these programs is highly affordable and scholarships and grants are offered for qualified individuals.  Students looking for a top-rated graphic design program would do well to consider an education at either of these renowned institutions.

If a particular university or college is of interest to you, it’s a good idea to check into their art programs and curriculum.  Most state universities offer courses in graphic design that are taught by esteemed and knowledgeable instructors.  Programs at a state university will most likely give students access to the latest in technological advancements.  By training with the latest design software, students are adequately prepared to enter the work-field with a competitive edge.

Graphic Art Careers

The world of graphic design is extensive and colorful.  Job opportunities vary from business to business and program to program.  Graphic designers today are finding employment all over the world in a variety of different positions.  As a graphic designer, you may find work as:

  • A web designer
  • A logo designer
  • An animator
  • A flash designer
  • An advertising designer
  • A brand creator
  • And much, much more!

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