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Top 5 Game Design Colleges: Rankings of Campus & Online Design Schools

Attending one of the best game design colleges ensures a high paying career in a video game company. Find the best campus & online game design universities here

Game design is just one big market with a lot of possibilities, and a lot of competition. Having a good education and studying in a renowned game design school are two of the things that will let you stand out in this industry. But the two are corollary. You get good education from a game design school, and a game design school offers good education.

Top 5 Game Design Colleges

Knowing the 5 top performing game design colleges is a headstart in gaining good and effective education.

Cnet, as one of the credible authorities in ranking almost everything, has ranked game design schools according to their curriculum quality, school staff and infrastructure, scholarships and financial aid, and career opportunities.

Here are the top 5 game design schools:

  1. University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
  2. DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, Wash)
  3. Drexel University (Philadelphia)
  4. Becker College (Worcester, Mass)
  5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY)

The Edge of Majoring in Game Design

Having a major in game designing gives you an edge in the practice of your profession. As this entails intensive training, ample knowledge, and proper experience for you, you are prone to getting the promotions you want and need in the gaming industry. Only by climbing the ladder can you fully implement your visions for a game–and a major in game designing certainly helps.

Also, you have a bigger chance of being noticed by game developers and game companies. This means it’s much easier to get a job after college.

Graphic Design College: Choosing the Right School For You

What basically makes a game entertaining is the quality of graphics put into it. There are a lot of graphic design colleges that could provide you with the skills you need in living up to the expectations and demands of your boss and your gamers.

USCollegeSearch, as an informative site for senior high school students who want to pursue graphic design colleges, gives you a long list of all your options. From the list, you can narrow them down into your top 10, then to your top 5. This will make it easy for you decide.

Here are some top tips and hints for choosing the right school for you:

  1. Choose a school that meets your interest
  2. List down your probable options with a criteria of ranking them from your top option to the least
  3. Get as much information about all your options. This will help you make a firm decision
  4. As much as possible, try touring around the school campus. This will let you know if you’ll have a comfortable stay
  5. Apply to all your options Schools often have a cut-off in the number of students they are willing to accommodate. Hearing from at least 3 of your top 5 choices would give you the assurance of ensuring proper education
  6. Choose wisely among the schools that accepted your application. Try to talk to students already enrolled in the school, and consult your parents about the best pick

Options for Game Design Universities

Enrolling in a game design university is also another option. Here are some of the universities that offer quality and exemplary education in game design:

  • DeVry University
  • Full Sail University
  • University of Southern California, Interactive Media Division
  • Drexel University

What’s good about programs in video game design schools is they concentrate and mainly cater to prospective video game design students. The advantage to this option is they focus on only video game design. Instead of spreading their offerings out too thin, having a department solely dedicated to game design enables schools to compete for top quality students.

Some video game design schools with good records in the game industry are:

  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Rensseler Polytechnic Institute
  • The Art Institute of Vancouver
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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