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Freelance Graphic Design Jobs: Rates & Salary for Graphic Designers

freelance graphic design jobs

Freelance graphic design jobs provide freedom to work in your pajamas. But can you find enough freelance graphic design work for a livable salary? Find out here!

Graphic design is an excellent field in which to build a career as a well-compensated and successful artist.  Unlike other art forms, graphic design is an art field that is usually business related rather than pleasure-related or aesthetic.  Graphic designers are commissioned to perform a wide variety of tasks for companies, individuals, businesses, churches, schools, communities and much more.

Many business hire graphic designers on a freelance basis rather than placing them on staff.  The reason for this is that graphic design work, for some companies, arises on a case by case basis.  A company may need a logo one month and a newsletter or e-mail flyer the next.  Because a company’s graphic design needs are always in a state of change, hiring a freelance graphic designer makes more logistic and financial sense.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

If you are a graphic designer with talent, education and experience, you are probably well-suited for freelance graphic design work.  Some graphic designers prefer not to find freelance work.  Working from home as a freelancer requires many qualities that some designers simply don’t have:

Determination: Freelancing requires the graphic designer to have constant diligence in searching for jobs.  Even when a freelancer is currently working on a project, he or she is almost always searching for the next project.  This prevents “dead time” in between jobs.

Discipline: The hardest thing about freelancing is finding the discipline to work regularly.  When you aren’t in an office with regular hours and boss breathing down your neck, it is sometimes hard to sit down and “force” yourself to work.  If you lack good discipline skills and determination, freelancing may not be a viable option for you.

People skills: A successful freelancing career is built through networking.  Because you are self-employed, you don’t have a company that knows your work and can provide you with regular jobs.  Freelancing requires you to find ways to get your name in the hands of people that need the kind of work you are providing.  People skills are a necessity for a good freelancer.

Intelligence: A freelancer negotiates with clients to determine a reasonable salary and delivery time for the projects he or she completes.  To be a successful freelancer, you have to know what your time is worth and how long it will take you to complete a specific project.  The client always wants to pay less, but you have to decide with confidence and intelligence what you should be paid.

Freelance Graphic Design Work

Because of the great variety of companies, businesses, and corporations that need graphic design work, the work itself is greatly varied.  Graphic designers today are completing hundreds of thousands of different jobs, projects, and artistic renderings.  Each freelancing job is different from the next.  If you work as a freelance graphic design artist, though, you can expect to initially be completing jobs such as:

Logo Design: one of the most common freelance graphic design projects.  New companies need talented artists to design eye-catching, modern and relevant logos that will set them apart.

Newsletters: companies with products to sell or services to provide need their information packaged in an attractive, sensible way.  Graphic designers are being hired to create and design a newsletter that will catch a reader’s attention and deliver information quickly.

Web Design: the internet is becoming the go-to place for marketing, business, transactions, and survival.  Companies without a web presence find themselves at a severe disadvantage.  A freelance graphic design artist may spend several months designing a single website for a large company or corporation.

Branding: some company’s need their logo developed into a brand.  Companies need different versions of their logo for letterheads, signage, e-mail signatures, merchandise, etc.  Branding is an exciting and fun job for many freelancers.

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