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Free Video Game Design Software: Info on Game Creating Software

free video game design software

Professional game making software is costly! Before attending a game design college, try this free video game design software & learn if this career is for you.

No one knows better what makes a video game into a great video game than an avid video game player. 

Video game companies across the world ask gamers what they would like to see in the next wave of video games.  Some video game players are taking the reins of video game design and creating video games themselves: with little to no experience in game design. 

These individuals are using free video game design software to assist them in accomplishing this task.

Video games today are beautiful works of art.  Gone are the days of a black screen with two white lines and a bouncing white ping pong ball.  Video games are expected to whisk players away into a highly conceptualized world with stunning graphics and gorgeous scenery. 

Whether the premise of the game is war, alien invasion, crime, or fantasy, the way a game looks is always the first selling point.  Accomplishing this is impossible without video game development software

This software is often very expensive: the best video game design software can cost upwards of one thousand dollars.  However, for a beginner video game designer, free video game design software is a great place to get started.

The Best Free Video Game Design Software

Understand, first, that free software is not going to be able to accomplish as much as a purchased software program.  Video game design software with a hefty price tag comes with all the bells and whistles that a video game designer would require. 

For a novice video game designer, though, these bells and whistles are probably unnecessary.

You aren’t going to be able to use free video game design software to design the next Call of Duty, but you can use this software to develop crucial skills that will assist you in honing your craft as a video game designer.

Choosing the Right Game Creating Software

Most of the video games that can be created using free software are simple, easy-to-play, and best featured as an online or web-based video game. But even these simple video games can take hours and hours to complete.  When deciding to design a video game, be prepared for the lengthy investment of time and energy that this endeavor will require. 

If you decide to try designing your own video game and need access to free video game design software, there are a few details you need to consider when choosing the perfect video design software:

  • Computer System Compatibility: You need to find a video game design software that is compatible with the operating system running on your computer.  Most software is compatible with Windows and Macs, but check to make sure.
  • Examples: Research games created using the design software you are considering.  If you like the games you find, you will know that a particular software is capable of creating something you will be proud of.
  • Templates and Design Help: Many free design software gives you access to templates that will expedite your game design process.  When you don’t have to spend months designing the background of a game, the process goes much faster.
  • Training Assistance: Choose a free game design software, like Dimensionex, that will provide you with tutorials and detailed instruction on how to use the software correctly and efficiently.
  • Audio Support: A great game has a great soundtrack.  Choose a free video game design software that will allow you to embed the music of your choice into your video game.
  • World-Wide Play: Some free video game design software does not allow you to post online games that can be accessed from all over the world.  Be sure that your software allows for world-wide access to your completed video game.

If you’ve created a video game (or 2 or 3) and love it, then the next step is making it a career! Be sure to read our expert reviews of the best video game design colleges and get on the fast track to a stable, lucrative career.

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