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Best Filmmaking Schools: Rankings of Filmmaking Colleges

filmmaking schools

Attending one of the best filmmaking schools puts you ahead in this competitive career. Find the best digital, documentary & film production schools here.

Attending film school is a great choice for boosting a career as a successful filmmaker. 

While much of the industry relies on contacts and relationships, a degree in filmmaking will help you stand out among thousands of individuals looking for the next lucrative career as a filmmaker. 

Film school will give you the needed education to succeed in the film industry, providing you with skills in editing, direction and even acting.

Finding the Best Filmmaking School for You

New York Film School

New York is a metropolitan extravaganza and is one of the American hub spots for film and television industries.  Students who attend school in New York City are uniquely suited to secure promising careers in the filmmaking industry because of the contacts and relationships they will develop through their instructors and other students.  A film school in New York gives you access to real life experience in the film and television industry. 

LA Film School

Los Angeles, California is home to the most famous film metropolis known as Hollywood.  Hollywood is home to many film studios and huge film sets.  Famous directors and celebrity actors and actresses call Los Angeles home.  If you attend a film school in Los Angeles, you will most likely pay more for tuition and living expenses.  However, these additional expenses provide you with unlimited resources, contacts, and insider points of view that will help you land an exciting career as a filmmaker.  Los Angeles is, quite possibly, the best place to attend film school in the entire world.

Seattle Film School

Seattle boasts the benefit of being a few hundred miles of north of Los Angeles without all the hectic hustle and bustle of the enormous city and the exorbitant cost of living.  Some of the best film schools in the country can be found in Seattle, Washington.  A getaway site for Los Angeles residents, Seattle is no stranger to big-name directors and actors.  Students who attend film school in Seattle will receive the best possible film education at a fraction of the cost.  Students will also get access to the latest in technology and resources available in film schools across the country.

Colorado Film School

Colorado is known as one of the most gorgeous locations in the United States.  Home to the great Rocky Mountains and the quaint metropolis of Denver, film students will find a unique and wonderful home if they choose to attend a film school in Colorado.  While film schools in Colorado won’t offer the glamour and the ready opportunity that coastal film schools may offer, these schools still have great resources for education and development in the film world.  Seasoned instructors and intimate college settings will help prepare students for the fast-paced life of a filmmaker.

Toronto Film School

If you want to head north and escape the chaos of New York or Hollywood, a film school in Toronto might be the perfect spot for you.  Toronto is a cultural and creative smorgasbord of opportunity.  Hundreds of film schools can be found in Toronto, and the cost of living there is surprising low.  For a great educational opportunity in the film industry at a fraction of the cost, consider choosing a film school in Toronto.

Film Schools in Michigan

Michigan is home to some of the best state universities in the country.  With its Motown roots, Detroit is no stranger to the arts.  Film schools in Michigan offer the same innovations and accomplishments in education that the coastal states have to offer.  However, the setting is much more intimate at a film school in Michigan.  You can find dedicated attention from instructors who will help you to hone your craft and become the best filmmaker you can possibly be.

Film Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina is balmy and beautiful and boasts a wide variety of amazing film schools for you to choose from.  North Carolina provides you with coastal access to the raging metropolis of New York City where you can find careers in television and film and also provides access to Washington, D.C. and central Florida.  With access to so many promising places to start your film career, it is clear that film schools in North Carolina have a lot to offer.  When you consider the amazing quality of education, it’s a wonder why anyone would choose to go elsewhere.

Texas Film Schools

Texas is home to ranchers, farmers and also artists, musicians and filmmakers.  Because of its many different metropolitan cities, Texas offers something for just about everyone.  Austin is widely considered one of the most artistic cities in the United States of America.  The film schools in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas offer a rich variety of educational opportunities for budding filmmakers.  If you love the rich history of the American south, you would do well to consider attending a film school in Texas.

San Francisco Film School

San Francisco is California at its best.  Away from the hectic, smog-filled streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco is a beautiful coastal town that nevertheless gives you direct access to all that California has to offer to hopeful filmmakers.  With quality education and a variety of choices, attending a film school in San Francisco is a great choice.

FSU Film School

Florida State University has a world-renowned program in the film arts.  Students can receive a degree in several different aspects of film production ranging from acting for film to directing and film editing to film production.  Admission into Florida State is highly competitive and many film programs require an audition for admittance.  However, once admitted, students will receive the best film education that money can buy.

Film Schools in Texas

Dallas and Houston, Texas have as much to offer as the cultural and artistic city of Austin.  These large metropolises have scores of film institutes and film schools to choose from.  Texas is one of the largest states in the union and, as such, has quite a bit to offer a prospective filmmaker.  If you are interested in the southernmost part of the United States, a film school in Texas is a perfect fit for you.

Film School Scholarships

Attending film school doesn’t have to empty your bank account.  You can find substantial grants and scholarships available for prospective film students.  Many require an essay for application.  With a little research you can greatly ease the pressure of tuition costs.

Orlando Film Schools

Orlando is home to amazing theme parks, animation studios, and great schools for all career paths.  The film schools in Orlando are superb and are a great choice for prospective filmmakers.

Film Schools in Boston

Boston is just a train ride away from New York City, but Boston offers its own rich resources for prospective filmmakers.  Film schools in Boston offer quality education and creative stimulation.

Film Schools in Canada

If you want to be exposed to alternative film styles from the typical Hollywood methods, a film school in Canada might just open your eyes to a new world of possibilities.  Film schools in Canada offer unique educational experiences for talented future filmmakers.

London Film School

Crossing the Atlantic to attend a film school is a bold move that can open up a brand new world of possibilities.  Film schools in London boast high quality education and a wealth of opportunities after graduation.

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