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Top Film Schools in Texas: Rankings of Film Colleges in Texas

film schools in texas

Texas is home to sprawling landscapes & hip cities, allowing the top film schools in Texas to attract the best. Find the right film college in Texas for you!

If you ask a Texan to describe his or her state, they’ll probably answer with this common adage: “Everything is bigger in Texas.”  In many ways, this statement seems to ring true. 

Texas is the second largest state in the Union. 

It has several huge metropolises, many professional sports teams, thousands of exciting cultural spots and activities, a bustling night life, a wide variety of climates and ecosystems, a beach, a mountain range, a desert, and a rich history of its own. 

Why Attend Film Schools in Texas

Texas is a very appealing state for film students who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive film schools in Los Angeles and New York City. 

With so much to offer, Texas Film Schools are fierce competitors with the coastal film schools and for good reason.

Texas film schools offer an excellent education and top career opportunities upon graduation.

While attending a film school in Texas will not place you in close proximity to the film studios of Hollywood or the television studios of New York, the big cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio provide enough opportunities for real-life experience to jump start any filmmaking career.

Top Rated Texas Film Schools

In Texas, the Art Institutes has two separate college campuses.  One campus is in the north Texas city of Dallas while the other is farther south in sprawling Houston, Texas. 

Both of these campuses boast the renowned educational quality of the other Art Institute campuses across the country. 

Students who attend film school at one of these campuses will receive an identical education to students who attend the Art Institutes in Sacramento, New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.  Often, however, tuition at these campuses is far less expensive.

It may be true that the education you receive at a film school has little bearing on your career when compared to the contacts you make in the film industry.

However, the education you receive does have significant benefits in preparing you for a person career as a filmmaker. 

Furthermore, the film schools in Texas will provide you with ample opportunity to form contacts and relationships that can be of great assistance to you when you graduate and begin searching for a filmmaking career. 

Carefully selecting a college with a program that suits your needs is instrumental in ensuring that you have the greatest chance for success: both in school and after school.

Film Schools in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is widely considered the most artistic city in the state of Texas and one of the most artistic cities in the nation. 

With galleries, theaters, concert halls, band venues and movie theaters on almost every corner, a budding film artist can find a great deal of inspiration from within the city limits of Austin, Texas. 

Austin is also home to a large number of film schools.  Most of the colleges in Austin, Texas offer degrees in communication that can be paired with a specialization in the film arts or television production.

Some schools in Austin, Texas are devoted solely to the film arts. 

The Austin Film School in Texas is a renowned film school with a progressive and modern approach to teaching the art of film design and production. 

Students at the Austin Film School will spend very little of their time in a classroom.  The designers of the educational program at The Austin Film School believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience.  Students will spend their time:

  • Filming short movies
  • Editing movies
  • Directing
  • Acting in classes designed for the screen
  • Using photo and video editing software
  • And much more!

For continuing adult education and youth programs in filmmaking, you should consider the Austin School of Film as a viable, affordable alternative to take some introductory filmmaking courses or attending a summer film school.

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