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Best Film Schools in North Carolina: Rankings & Ratings

film schools in north carolina

Discover the best film schools in North Carolina as our experts rank & review North Carolina’s top film programs, including film schools in Chapel Hill.

North Carolina is uniquely placed along the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. 

With less than a day’s worth of travel between it and several major American cities, North Carolina offers the best of the best to its students. 

New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and even Orlando, Florida are all within easy reach from a student at one of the many schools in North Carolina.

Why Attend a Film School in North Carolina

Film students will appreciate the wide variety of film-related opportunities that can be accessed by attending a film school in North Carolina. 

North Carolina’s filmmaking schools offer the same rich educational quality as the film schools in New York City and on the west coast, but cost considerably less to attend each semester. 

A film student who knows the true value of a dollar would do well to consider the less expensive, but still high quality, film schools available in North Carolina.

Can You Make Professional Connections at NC Film Schools?

Even though the film industry operates almost exclusively on ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know,’ filmmakers know that it is still important for young industry hopefuls to seek out a film education. 

By attending a film school, you arm yourself with critical skills and worthwhile knowledge that will help you to stand apart from the rest of the thousands of individuals hoping to make it in this competitive enterprise. 

Film schools in North Carolina will prepare you for a career as a filmmaker by providing you with top notch education and access to some of America’s greatest cultural metropolises. 

Students can form contacts during summer internships at the television studios in New York City or at the new studios in Washington, D.C. 

Hopeful animators can travel down to Florida for the weekend and hobnob with animators at Walt Disney Studios. 

There is an infinite number of possibilities for students who choose to attend film school in North Carolina.

Film Programs in North Carolina

Duke University in North Carolina offers an intense course of study in film, video and digital design and production that allows students to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in filmmaking. 

This program is one of the most popular film programs in North Carolina.

Duke University boasts a knowledgeable cast of instructors and extensive resources for the hopeful filmmaker.

The Department of Communication at Appalachian State University allows students to major in communication with an emphasis in film and television production. 

The reputation of this accredited university is known throughout the country, and the instruction and education received at this location will assist you in securing a great career in filmmaking.

In fact, most of the state universities in North Carolina offer communications degrees with a specialization in film and television production.

This gives students the freedom and versatility to choose a school that will uniquely suit their specific needs.

Film Schools in Chapel Hill

The Art Institute has a campus in Raleigh, North Carolina that boasts the same great education offered at the other campuses of the Art Institutes located across the nation. 

The Art Institutes allows students to take film courses in a variety of different areas including:

  • Film Editing: Learning the necessary elements of successful films
  • Film Directing: Learning how to communicate an idea on paper into a successful film
  • Film History: Learning the innovations of past films and predictions for the future of film
  • Film Production: Learning the details about sound and visual production in filmmaking. Find an education specializing in film production
  • Film Business: Learning the unique language of contracts, movie rights, cost projections and income estimates
  • Costume and Set Design
  • Casting directing

By attending a North Carolina film school, you’ll be arming yourself with an education to break the barriers of the film industry down and establish a career in any path of entertainment.

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