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Best Film Schools in Michigan: Rankings of Michigan’s Film Colleges

film schools in michigan

Detroit, Michigan is fast-becoming the midwest’s Hollywood. Learn the best film schools in Michigan as our experts rank Michigan’s film colleges & universities.

Michigan’s claim to fame is its Motown region in chilly Detroit. 

With thousands of musicians coming in and out of Detroit each year, Michigan is no stranger to the world of the arts. 

Michigan, while sparsely populated in some of its regions, is nevertheless home to Detroit. While not the bumping metropolis it once was, Michigan offers many opportunities to budding filmmakers.

Here, creative individuals can find outlets to stimulate their creative juices in the form of theaters, galleries, concert halls, bandstands, and exotic night life. 

A prospective filmmaker who decides to brave the cold and seek out a film school in Michigan will find ample opportunity to improve his or her skills and gain the life experience necessary to land an exciting career in the film industry.

Why Attend a Film School in Michigan

The film schools in Michigan are all relatively new, which means that their facilities, methods, instructors and resources are all very modern and progressive. 

The oldest film school in Michigan is the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. 

Formed in 1998, this school is still one of the best film schools in the state of Michigan. 

With more and more film schools popping up all over this wintry state offering students a larger number of options than ever before.

University of Michigan’s Filmmaking Program

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor provides a top-notch education at an institute that offers culture, sports & a great history.

Students can specialize in many areas at University of Michigan’s film school. Specializations include:

By attending University of Michigan’s film school–particularly its screenwriting program, which is considered to be on-par with UCLA and USC–students are destined to make an impact on the entertainment world.

Acting Schools in Michigan

The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan proudly announced last year that some of its graduates worked on the epic film directed by James Cameron called Avatar. 

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all-time, followed closely by Titanic another James Cameron production.  MPI’s program, educational style and content have all been designed by filmmakers. 

Their curriculum is also taught by seasoned veterans of the filmmaking industry, providing students with unique insights into the world of filmmaking. 

The Motion Picture Institute offers affordable tuition and will even provide scholarships to prospective filmmakers with a financial need. 

This program teaches students the ins and outs of film production and offers courses in the following subjects:

  • Screenwriting: Students in these filmmaking courses learn valuable insights about writing the perfect film script.  Students learn about effective dialogue and exposition and how to prevent dialogue from distracting the viewer and pulling him or her out of the story.
  • Cinematography: Students learn the best methods of cinematography as well as study the latest cinematographic innovations.  Students will learn about lighting, camera angles, special effects, and other innovations in cinematography.
  • Directing: Students will learn the secrets of directing and take acting courses to teach them how to communicate with actors and actresses.  With lab exercises and real-time experience, students will learn how to frame the perfect shot, translate written dialogue to comfortably spoken dialogue, and capture a scene that has been written into a visual spectacle that communicates an idea in an effective and aesthetically-pleasing way.
  • Production: Students learn visual and audio production by experiencing the production process through lab work and observation.  Students are required to record and mix their own audio and film their own movie, producing the film with appropriate lighting and camera placement for the most aesthetically pleasing shots.
  • Editing: Students in these classes learn about effective film editing.  By receiving instruction from actual film editors, students will evaluate which scenes in a film are crucial to the unfolding story and which could potentially endanger the story by detracting from it or adding unnecessary detail.  After discussing the theory of film editing, students will practice using the latest in editing software, editing actual movie footage and repositioning it into a seamless, perfected final product.

The teaching methods used in the film classes of the Motion Picture Institute are unmatched according to assessments made by leaders in the filmmaking industry.

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