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Best Film Schools in Boston: Rankings of Boston Filmmaking Colleges

film schools in boston

Boston’s a top rated college town with some of the top filmmaking colleges in the country. Discover the best film schools in Boston & Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Boston is one of the most history-rich cities in the United States of America. 

Bostonians remind Americans with pride of the patriotism shown by the early residents of Boston when they donned leather and feathers and dumped an entire load of British tea into the Boston harbor. 

With old sports venues, historical bars and concert venues, art galleries on every corner, amazing theaters, movie theaters from the prohibition era, and thousands of other opportunities for a young artist to find inspiration, Boston is a great city to consider when searching for the perfect film school.

Why Attend a Film School in Boston

Boston has direct access to other important cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., or even Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

While it is not as big or as significant in the film industry as New York City, Boston nevertheless provides students with access to everything that New York film schools offer. 

And Boston, itself, has much to offer in a variety of great film schools that offer students a unique educational experience.

While Boston is a little on the small side, there is still a wealth of opportunity when searching for a Bostonian film school. 

Film schools in Boston are much more intimate and less competitive than NY or LA film schools

Many individuals prefer the more laid-back style of instruction that can be experienced at a Boston film school.  In Boston, you will still receive a high quality education from talented instructors and experienced professors. 

Technology & Contacts in Boston Film Schools

Film schools in Boston still provide students with the same access to the latest technology and film editing software that is used by professionals in the filmmaking business. 

Boston will still allow you to form important contacts and relationships that will help you land a career after graduation. 

For someone who wishes to avoid the chaos of New York City but still be provided with the same numerous opportunities, Boston is a perfect choice for film school.

Other Film Schools in Massachusetts

The Art Institute is one of the famous film schools in the nation. 

This college has campuses in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York and almost every major city in between, including Boston.

Students who attend the Art Institute of Boston can be assured that they will receive the same quality of education as students who attend the larger campuses. 

The instruction style may be a little bit different, but the quality of education is guaranteed to be the same.  In fact, many students may prefer the more intimate settings of the smaller Bostonian campuses to the large, sprawling impersonal campuses of the larger Metropolises.

Students who attend film schools in Massachusetts can expect to learn real-life applications in a variety of film-related topics and courses. 

Just like any other top film school, students will learn the ins and outs of the entire film industry and will graduate as well-rounded experts in the field of film production. 

Students may expect to learn about topics such as:

  • The History of Film: To understand the history of where film has come from will help students create their own innovations and advancements in the film industry when they become filmmakers
  • Film Editing Techniques: Editing is one of the most important jobs in film production.  At a film editing school or program, students will learn about the important elements of a successful film, how to recognize them, and how to feature them through proper editing
  • Directing Techniques: Students learn how acting for the screen differs from stage acting.  Students practice giving direction to actors and actresses to better communicate a script to a well-shot scene.

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