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Best Film Production School: Rankings of Film Production Colleges

film production school

Discover the best film production school with rankings of colleges with film production degrees. Also learn what a film production education consists of.

The filmmaking industry is a multi-billion dollar monster that produces films at an alarming rate. 

Each year, hundreds of movies hit theaters all across the world, and each of those movies boasts a cast of talented professionals who have worked long hours to make the movie shine. 

This industry is fast-paced and requires highly creative individuals who can keep up with long working hours and stressful situations. 

However, the rewards for this industry are astounding. 

Filmmakers get to watch as their imaginings become reality that is then spread across the world allowing millions of individuals to revel in their craft.

But the filmmaking industry is a tough industry to break in to.  Many graduates of accredited institutions spend several of their first years struggling to survive.  Because the film studios and production companies are flooded with hopeful filmmakers, students will need an impressive resume and a unique set of skills to find their place in this hectic world.

Attending the Best Film Production School

A good film production education at an accredited university is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. 

By attending a quality film production school, you prove to potential employers that you are a dedicated, talented and knowledgeable movie enthusiast with the skills to be a significant asset in whatever task you undertake.

What Film School Will Teach You

Filmmaking schools take students on a journey through the history of film.  Students will study the first films and learn about the evolution of motion pictures. 

This historical background teaches students about the innovations and accomplishments of the filmmaking industry. 

With a historical background, students then evaluate movies that have made dramatic statements or virtually transformed the field of film production. 

Understanding the motives behind the innovation prepares film students to create their own innovations when they graduate.

Attending an Online Film School

While there are hundreds of universities and private education establishments across the country with thousands of campuses, many students simply cannot afford to attend school full-time. 

For these students, a degree at an online university for film production is a viable option. 

These programs are thorough, varied and can be taken at one’s own pace. 

Students who enroll in online film production schools are able to maintain a part-time or full-time job while taking classes that will earn them a career-starting degree. 

Some of the best online universities offering courses in film production are:

  • Full Sail University
  • The Art Institutes
  • Vancouver Film School
  • The Los Angeles Film School
  • Academy of Art University
  • Film Production College Alternatives

Film Production Apprenticeships

A great alternative to a full-time education in film production is a film production apprenticeship program. 

These programs place aspiring filmmakers directly on the set of a film in production. 

Students are paired with successful filmmakers and film producers in a mentor-type relationship.  Students who enroll in a program such as this will receive a hands-on education in film production and filmmaking.

There are some filmmakers who simply won’t hire an individual based solely on his or her education. 

The truth is, filmmaking takes a certain degree of inherent talent.  Schools cannot create great filmmakers; all an accredited university or educational institution can do is provide you with the skills and knowledge to mold your raw talent into a successful filmmaking career.

If you have an interest in a wide variety of films or have made small films as a hobby, you may already know that you have a gift for filmmaking. 

If this career option is new for you, you may wish to consider enrolling in a local, filmmaking workshop. Exposing yourself to a minute version of a lengthy education in film production will let you know if filmmaking is the right career choice for you.

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