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Best Fashion Designer Jobs: Description of Jobs in Fashion Designing

Find the best fashion designer jobs in the industry! Read various fashion design job descriptions & learn which fashion career is best for your talents.

Just because the economy is not ideal does not mean that the world of fashion has slowed down in any way.  Most of the fashion conglomerates have merely adjusted their marketing schemes to accommodate lower price points to accommodate shoppers who are spending less on frivolities; however fashion as a whole is still a booming industry.

Fashion Design Jobs: In Hot Demand Regardless of Economy

For those who have the creativity and passion for fashion, ‘tis the season to explore a career in fashion design or to find exciting fashion design jobs.

Let’s take a look at the various types of fashion designer jobs that you could pursue:

  • Pattern making and design
  • Project management
  • Merchandising
  • Materials / fabric development
  • Purchasing agent
  • Special event coordinator
  • Store manager
  • Buyer / Seller / Wholesaler / Retailer
  • Fashion designer
  • Loss prevention
  • Packaging or technical designer
  • eCommerce

So you see, finding a job in fashion is easy thanks to the plethora of fulfilling fashion design careers available around the country.  Some are more glamorous than others, but there is a certain personality type that will suit every type of career in fashion design; from those who enjoy working behind-the-scenes to the others who enjoy being out in the spotlight.

Fashion Design Job Description
What Does a Career in Fashion Design Entail?

If you think for a moment about the masses of amounts of things available and the abundance of store choices there are, that’s a whole lot of opportunity. To break it down even further, every blouse, skirt, shirt, sock, men’s and children’s attire and even those lacy undergarments have been designed by a real fashion designer.  Even accessories and home fashion constitutes designing.

Someone took the time to choose those perfect tulips on your pillowcase just as someone else took the time to create the shiny purse you carry on a girl’s night out.

Don’t be mistaken that fashion design jobs are only for women, either. Some of the very best fashion designers are men, like Armani or Tommy Hilfiger. So, what can you expect as part of the fashion design job description?  Well that all depends on which area you wish to focus within your studies.

Some say that fashion designers must be good at forecasting the future because it takes over a year for the designs to come to fruition and hit store shelves. Research skills are a must. Trending is another good skill, as well as having an innate sense of style.

Most fashion designers still make their initial drawings by hand, however many use computer aided design software (CAD) to create their finished designs. Virtual models can even help the designer to envision what their creations will look like for the target audience they want to market to. Everyone wears clothes and accessories, so the market is wide open and yours for the taking!

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