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Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs: Description & Salary

entry level graphic design jobs

Entry level graphic design jobs won’t pay you a fortune, but in terms of an entry level creative job, your salary & career development won’t be better than this!

If you’re fresh out of college or another secondary school, you probably aren’t expecting to land a high-paying job straight away.  Most colleges and universities prepare their students for a tough job market with only entry-level positions available.  The truth of the day is that, regardless of your education, talent, skills, and references, a more experienced employee is almost always offered the most coveted position first.

With graphic design, however, the grueling timeline of the rat race is drastically shortened.  Because the field of graphic design is so specialized and because the need for talented specialists in this field is growing at such an alarming rate, the journey from entry level employee to a well-compensated, staffed individual is much shorter than in many other job markets.

Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

The graphic design scene is constantly changing.  As computer software becomes more advanced and colleges and universities begin incorporating this brand-new software into their teaching curriculum, graphic design students are walking away with a degree and a wealth of valuable knowledge about modern graphic design techniques.  A graphic designer who has been employed for ten years at the same firm may find his job threatened by a freshly graduated graphic design student.  Why?  Because the graphic design student knows the latest and the greatest in trends, products, software and technique.

Because of this flip-flopped hierarchy of learning and experience, many companies that hire graphic design students provide them with jobs that are much better than your typical entry-level positions.  A fresh graduate may be receiving a salary equal to eighty or ninety percent of the salary of his or her superior.  Why are companies doing this?  The companies have realized that attracting a freshly graduated graphic design student is good for the whole company.  As the older employee coaches the new hire about the business and the day-to-day working of the company, the new employee brings technological advances and new techniques to the older designers.  This mutually beneficial relationship is why many graphic designers love their entry-level jobs.

Entry Level Creative Jobs

Instead of getting a job in data entry or some other mindless enterprise, graphic design artists are finding entry level jobs that actually stimulate their creativity and give them the freedom to flaunt their stuff!  Some of these entry level creative jobs include:

Web Design Updating: while an entry level graphic designer may not be given the task to create an entire website from scratch, many graphic designers are nabbing jobs requiring them to update a company’s outdated website.  This job gives new employees a guiding structure while also providing them with the freedom to be creative.

Logo Adaptation: instead of creating a brand new logo, some companies are hiring fresh graphic design graduates to bring the current logo into the present.  Experimenting with colors, lines, fonts, and images, entry level graphic designers are able to use their creativity to give the company’s logo a facelift.

E-mail Newsletters: while companies may reserve printed newsletter design for more seasoned employees, an e-mail newsletter costs nothing to produce and can be easily changed if a mistake has been made.  For this reason, many entry level graphic designers are finding jobs as e-mail newsletter designers.  E-mail has become an efficient and effective method of communication, and graphic designers are thrilled that so many individuals will benefit from their creativity.

Secondary Publication Layout: while the important pages of magazine and newspaper layout may be apportioned to the veteran designers, today’s publications are so loaded with information, that even entry level graphic designers are being used to assist in layout, font selection, colors, images, and design choices.

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