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Get a Degree in Graphic Design: Online & Campus Graphic Design Schools

degree in graphic design

Getting a degree in graphic design provides credibility as an artist & opens up career paths. Discover the best online & campus graphic design programs here.

In case you haven’t heard, the need for graphic designers is a hot job right now, and not just in America.  For those of you who are considering the pursuit of a degree in graphic design, it’s a smart time to further your education in this creative and lucrative industry. 

Having a degree in graphic design is certain to give you an advantage over other professional designers and will also give you a chance while in school to prepare “real world” samples that will boost your portfolio.

Benefits of Graphic Design Programs

If you’re studying art, pursuing a graphic design degree will help make you a well-rounded artist and provide the basis for a strong career in graphic design

In fact, many students are opening the possibility of furthering their education to achieve bachelors or masters degrees in art, and many of these ambitious learners are choosing to achieve online graphic design degrees as opposed to going away to live the campus lifestyle.

Graphic Design Programs: Online or Campus School?

Just as with many of the other things that have evolved within our society, convenience is the reason for earning a degree in graphic design online instead of going off to school. The benefits are many. 

Campus living is expense and life altering.  Students must physically move and go in to attend classes, whereas online students can simply complete their graphic design programs right at home without having to go anywhere.  It can save families thousands of dollars, as well as taking away the need to uproot the student from their stable environment.

So, what kind of training do I need to obtain a degree in graphic design?

Some students choose to go for the full boat graphic design degrees, whereas others may feel that just having a graphic design certificate is enough.  Hands-on learning is definitely the best way to learn, however in order to attract those great paying graphics jobs, the more you have to show prospective employers, the better.

The difference really is about the number of credit hours. A CCL or “Certificate of Completion” specifies the point of focus on the number of hours to complete the course. It can vary between 15 – 25 credit hours, depending upon the type of graphic arts related industry you wish to choose. 

Other types of graphic design degrees include an Associate or Bachelors Degree, or even a Master’s Degree or PhD for those who are willing and able to spend many, many dedicated hours to achieve the top status.

Online Graphic Design Degree Options

Here are just a few of the online graphic design degrees available:

  • Graphic Design and Foundation for Design
  • Graphic Design (CCL, AAS or BFA)
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Technical Graphics and Design
  • Computerized Graphics and Design

And once you achieve a certificate or online degree, the outlook for getting a professional graphics design job is almost a sure bet.  According to the Bureau for Labor Stats, jobs in graphic design are anticipated to keep climbing at a rate of 13% annually! 

With a creative aptitude and ambitious spirit, you can accomplish your dream of becoming a graphic arts pro today!

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