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Why Computer Graphic Design Training Increases Your Employability

computer graphic design training

If you’re seeking a career in graphic design, you need a degree or certification. Learn how to seek professional computer graphic design training here.

As a graphic designer, you will find a huge and diverse world of opportunity that is projected to continue growing through the next decade.  Graphic designers are part of an elite network of artists that have been presenting themselves for years as a crucial element of any business team.  Businesses, in recent years, have opened their eyes to the great potential offered by employing a graphic designer.

Today, graphic designers are employed in a variety of drastically different positions.  Some graphic designers are working as web designers or website updaters; others are keeping busy with developing logos and brands for burgeoning companies.  Others find work in animation studios or advertising agencies; and some are employed directly by the business for which they are generating design work.  The opportunities are seemingly infinite for graphic designers in today’s modern America.  However, to be a successful graphic designer, you must receive a high standard of computer graphic design training.

Computer Graphic Design Training

Because the field of graphic design is so lucrative and so necessary for businesses today, the field is growing more and more competitive.  No longer are businesses hiring graphic designers based solely on talent and ability.  Today, most graphic designers must receive extensive and professional training in computer graphic design in order to secure a job as a graphic designer.  Businesses and employers know that a well-trained graphic designer is worth much more than an amateur.

If you have a passion for graphic design, you may wish to update your credentials by seeking out professional computer graphic design training.  There are many ways for you to accomplish this undertaking.  Most state universities offer courses in computer graphic design.  If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the arts, you may be able to supplement this degree in only a few short months.  For many graphic design degrees, the core classes are the same as degrees in other art media.  For example, a graphic design student is usually required to take courses in:

  • Art History: This course is usually required of all art students to provide a background knowledge in the arts.
  • Art Theory: Whether you are creating art for pleasure or for business, a knowledge of the theories of art is important.
  • Classical Art: The classics have always inspired the modern artists.
  • Sculpture: Basic art methods such as sculpting, painting, and drawing are necessary for all art students.  Key concepts can be learned by experimenting with different media.
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Renaissance Art: The Renaissance is one of the most important periods in art history, and most art majors are required to study this crucial age.
  • Modern Art: Current art helps a graphic designer understand what is “working” in art today.

Computer Art Training

Because so many of the core courses for art majors are the same in graphic design majors, it is very likely that the only additional courses you will be required to take are courses in the computer arts.  Graphic designers do a great deal of their work on a computer.  Computers today are equipped with high-tech programming that enables the graphic designer to generate a large quantity of work in an efficient manner.

Because so much of the work required of a graphic designer is intended for the internet, graphic artists must be familiar with computer design programs.  Computer art training will provide you with this knowledge.  The Art Institute, with campuses across the entire country, has excellent programs in computer art training.  These courses will give you the edge when submitting your resume and portfolio to prospective employers.  A graphic designer who invests in an accredited training program is a graphic designer with a job.

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