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Considering a Colorado filmmaking school? Learn the best Colorado film school degrees, from the Art Institute of Colorado to University of Colorado Film School.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the United States.  Home to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, Colorado is a vacation spot for anyone who loves skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing and camping. 

Once a rustic location filled with difficult terrain and treacherous mountain passes, Colorado today thrives as a metropolitan playground set in the middle of the great outdoors.

Denver, Colorado is home to thousands of artistic and cultural venues where creative, aspiring filmmakers can meet to discuss new ideas and the latest innovations being featured in the films of the day. 

In Denver, the film schools available for students offer the best of the best in instructors, educational quality, resources, techniques, and degree programs. 

Colorado may not be a center for film creation and production, but it certainly isn’t short on creative inspiration.  Hundreds of movies are filmed each year in beautiful Colorado, and students will have a vast array of inspiring vistas to stimulate their creative juices.

Colorado Film Schools: Reviews & Ratings

The International Cinematographers Guild Magazine has featured some of Colorado’s finest film schools in its recent publications.  The experts who write for this magazine admit that at one time the only film schools worth attending were in Los Angeles or New York City.  Today, however, there are hundreds of film schools across the country that provide students with an education that can rival even the best LA or New York City film schools.

The Colorado Film School is one of the top rated film schools in Colorado.  This school offers both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in a variety of the film-related arts.  Students can earn degrees in Film Studies, Acting specifically for the screen, producing, writing, directing, cinematography and post production work on films. 

The courses offered at the Colorado Film School are rich and diverse, offering students a wide array of topics and educational methods.  Even better: Tuition at the Colorado Film School is also extraordinary low due to a unique partnership between Colorado universities that are striving to provide prospective filmmakers with an affordable educational experience. 

Students can save up to one hundred thousand dollars in tuition by choosing to attend the Colorado Film School or any other number of film schools in Colorado.  This money is indispensable for a struggling film school graduate looking to land his or her first big job.

Art Institute of Colorado

The Art Institute is a pervasive and widespread accredited university with campuses all across the nation.  Its campus in Colorado is especially appealing because it is centrally located in the United States and still offers top of the line instruction and access to the best equipment, software, and resources available today. 

Students who attend the Art Institute will be exposed to knowledgeable professors with invaluable resources and contacts.  The teachers at the Art Institute take a special interest in the success of their students.  Many students form lasting relationships with their professors and rely on those individuals to assist them as they move forward into the professional world of motion pictures.

The Art Institute offers a rich, diverse program of study.  Students will take courses dedicated to all portions of the filmmaking process.  By exposing students to all the steps of making a great film, the Art Institute produces well-rounded students that are uniquely prepared to deal with the pressures of creating a great film. 

Students will learn:

  • Acting methods for film
  • Film editing software and equipment and film editing methods
  • Directing methods and schools of thought
  • Differing film genres
  • Film business practices
  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting and editing
  • Camerawork, lighting, set design and costume design
  • Casting direction

University of Colorado at Boulder Film School

And let’s not forget Boulder! The University of Colorado Boulder offers a unique film production school to its students that focuses on experimental, experiental, and documentary filmmaking.

No matter what Colorado film school you choose, you will not be disappointed. The education is top-notch and will prepare you for a career in feature or documentary filmmaking.

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