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Best Careers in Graphic Design: Descriptions of Graphic Arts Jobs

careers in graphic design

Careers in graphic design pay well, offer freedom to work remotely, & to be your own boss. Sound appealing? Learn more with our graphic design job descriptions.

The Lucrative World of Graphic Design Careers

If you’re just beginning to think about what you want to be and are considering careers in graphic design, well there’s never been a better time for you to jump into this creative industry.

This growing field is one that is highly in demand, especially for specialty graphic arts jobs such as illustration, web design, animation, designing video games or clay and cartoon animations; as well as the traditional use of graphic design to create compelling graphics.

Web designers and marketing firms commonly have a graphic artist in-house to whip up snazzy graphics for their clients.  If you have a creative eye and knack for artistic abilities, then perhaps graphic design careers could be a great arena for you to consider.

Graphic Design Jobs: Salaries for Careers in Graphic Design

Even entry level graphic design careers aren’t too shabby with the average startup pay hovering around $24,500. The median salary for a graphic designer is approximately $40,000 and a senior level graphic designer or specialist can make well above $60 – 80k per year.

It’s safe to say that there is plenty of work to go around within this exciting and creative field.  Even if you can’t draw, you can become a graphic designer by learning how to use the software, watching graphic design tutorials and by becoming good at creating.

If you ask most graphic artists if they like their job, most of them will say yes.

Interestingly enough, careers in graphic design also come with one of the highest satisfaction rates.

The reason could be that designers have more creative liberties than other employees and over 25% of all graphic artists work as a freelancer or solo.  Those who do work on their own can expect to be on the higher scale of salary expectations as outlined above, making between $60 – 75,000 per year, or more depending on the nature of specialty and experience.

Average Graphic Design Job Salaries

Below are the average salaries for various graphic design careers:

  • Web Designer – $30k
  • Graphic Artist - $40k
  • Art Director – Over $100k
  • Art Teacher Specializing in Graphic Design – $68k
  • Multimedia Designer – $62k
  • Game Design – $70k
  • Logo Artist – $28k
  • Production Artists – $55k
  • Freelance Graphic Designer or Entrepreneur – $50k
  • Illustrator – $72k
  • Cartoonist – $43k
  • Photographer – $54k
  • Printer / Press Tech – $35k
  • Layout Artist / Desktop Publisher – $38k

Starting a Graphic Design Career

Unlike many businesses which require a resume to enter the workplace, people who hire graphic artists want to see what they can do. Therefore if you have a strong portfolio with a lot of great samples, either from art school or from working at an agency, you can show off your skills by proving your creative prowess.

Do graphic arts jobs require a degree?

Having a degree in graphic design will help you get top dollar because just like many of the other careers out there, having an education and degree pays better. You are a specialist in the art of visual communication; through captivating drawings, images, graphics, color, animation or web design, flash and even gaming design. 

These are all highly tailored niche fields that can only be performed by someone who has learned how to use the right software programs to achieve the needs of their clients.

The prognosis of nabbing good graphic design careers is not slowing down anytime soon.  With today’s computer-based interface and more companies than ever needing to market their companies to remain competitive, nearly every business owner across the globe will have need for a graphic arts professional at one time or through many years of service.

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