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Best Art Schools: Rankings of Top 10 Art Schools & Colleges

best art schools

Considering art school? Come read our list of the best art schools! Rankings of the top 10 art colleges include art schools online, in NY, California & Italy!

Art: it has shaped the very face of humanity over the course of thousands of years.  Our ability to create art separates us from the rest of the creatures that inhabit this planet.  Art takes many forms: forms which each possess a unique purpose that stems from a unique creative process.  At its very core, however, art is communication.  With the creation of art, humanity has been able to communicate every human emotion.  A painting can communicate hope and joy; a song can communicate loss and anger; a play can communicate freedom and inspiration; a sculpture can communicate beauty and glory.  With art, humanity seeks to preserve its past and advance its future.

Those who seek a career in art become part of a unique and noble profession.  Artists are often met with intense hardship; the term “starving artist” holds a unique and harsh reality for artists who have experienced the uncertainty of survival.  Attending a school dedicated to the arts, however, is a great way for artists to increase their knowledge and hone their craft while simultaneously preparing for a secure and successful future.  The art schools of the world are varied and widespread, but these art schools provide an infinite amount of options for those hoping for a career as an artist.

Art School in Italy

For the artist who finds himself or herself infatuated with history and classicism, art school in Italy is a perfect stepping stone.  Italy boasts one of the richest art histories in the world, and this history lives on within the boot-shaped country of Europe.  Schools in Italy range in duration, price and curriculum style.  Italian schooling is very different from its American equivalent.  Many schools in Italy offer intense periods of study over a few short weeks.  Other programs of study may take years to complete.  Regardless of which program you choose, an art school in Italy places you directly in the heart of one of the richest art cultures in the world.  From architectural art like the Pantheon or the Coliseum to breathtaking sculptures such as Michelangelo’s David, Italy seems to have it all.

Art School Online

For an artist pinching his pennies, an online art school is a great opportunity for advancement in the field of art without breaking the bank.  Many accredited universities offer art programs in an online format.  With the birth of the digital age, students can attend courses and lectures online and complete projects which are then submitted digitally to an instructor for feedback.  While in the past, online degrees were often looked down upon, today the vast majority of employers will gladly accept a candidate with an online degree.

Art Schools in Boston

Boston is home to some of the most beautiful art galleries in the country.  The city of Boston, while smaller than New York or Los Angeles, still holds plenty of inspiration for an aspiring artist.  With a wide variety of art schools such as schools dedicated to interior design, film, graphic design, animation and photography, any artist can find an education that will advance his or her career.  The night life of this youth-oriented city provides artists with creativity-inspiring activities that will stimulate and perfect their craft.  With stunning architecture, art galleries around every corner, and a plethora of theater and musical performance venues, any artist would be thrilled to find an art school in historic Boston.

Art Schools in California

California is the state of gold: golden mines and golden dreams.  California, the third largest state, is packed with highly accredited schools at which any artist can achieve the education he or she has dreamed of.  The art schools in California are located right around the corner from some of the biggest art-producing locations in the world.  Attending a film school near Hollywood or a fashion design school near Rodeo Drive is a dream come true for artists that come to California.  With reputable schools and highly knowledgeable instructors, the quality of education received at a California university or art institute is unmatched.

Art Schools in Florence

Florence, Italy is known for its amazing cuisine, beautiful architecture, delicious wine and artistic potpourri.  Artists flock from all over the globe to attend an art university in historic Florence.  The beautiful Duomo, the bustling leather markets, the quaint Ponte Vecchio and the towering statue of David are only a fraction of the sights offered to eager, young artists.  Attending a university in Florence is a great way to learn about the classic artists of history while simultaneously witnessing the progression of modern art in our own time.  Students who seek out schools in Florence will balance intense classroom study with leisurely walks downtown.  Artists grab a gelato and sit at the foot of the Duomo with a sketchpad, surrounded by so much activity and beauty it’s nearly impossible to know where to start.

Art Schools in Florida

Florida is full of sunshine, senior citizens, and a smorgasbord of opportunities for an artist seeking to further his or her education.  Home to Walt Disney studios, many artists seeking a career in animation are pleased to find so many universities and institutes dedicated to developing this craft.  Film students, Design students, Graphic arts students, and fashion students will also find an educational home in sunny Florida.

Art Schools in London

For the artist wanting to get away from America and see the world, London is a great option.  Many students cannot cope with the culture shock that comes with attending a university in France or Italy.  In London, the language of the schools is English and the culture is very similar to American culture.  Attending art school in London gives students direct access to the art world of Europe without the overwhelming cultural differences.  England’s old and historic schools still boast some of the best quality of education in the world.  Attending an art school in London is a great choice for a budding artist.

Art Schools in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is glitzy, fast-paced and fraught with opportunity for a hopeful artist.  Home to Hollywood, the fashion industry, hundreds of live theater and music venues, and galleries galore, artists who choose a school in Los Angeles are guaranteed to have the inspiration and education needed to create a wonderful career as an artist.

Art Schools in Michigan

The Midwest, while seemingly lacking in the glamour department, still boasts some of the nation’s best art institutes and universities.  If the hustle and bustle of the coastal cities is too much for a student of art, the myriad art schools in the great state of Michigan will provide an equable education experience.  Michigan is home to the city of Detroit, the birth of Motown music, but also provides inspiration in stunning vistas and relaxing countryside.  Any artist will be at home at a Michigan art school.

Art Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota may seem an odd choice for an art student, but it possesses some of the best schools in the country.  With the city life of the Twin Cities and the rural life of its Northern parts, Minnesota is the best of both worlds.  Its metropolises are filled with art galleries, music venues and top-rated universities.

Art Schools in New York

New York is, perhaps, the biggest artistic center in America.  From galleries to concert halls to theaters, any artist can find success and quality education within the Big Apple.  The opportunities are too numerous to count: schools, conservatories, universities, and institutes dedicated to the arts can be found on every street corner.  Hail a cab, and walk into your life as a successful artist.

Art Therapy Schools

Art was made for the masses, and scientists are discovering that art has intrinsic effects on the human mind.  Those with a passion for helping people coupled with a love of art will jump at the chance to consider a career as an art therapist.  Art therapy programs are very specific and many accredited schools across the country boast art therapy programs.  Art therapy is a rewarding and financially viable career choice.

Art Instruction Schools

Hundreds of art instruction schools exist. Discover the best art schools, both online & campus programs, and learn how to turn your passion into a career.

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