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Benefits of Video Games: What are the Benefits of Video Games?

benefits of video games

Believe it or not, there are benefits of video games! Come learn the educational & health benefits of video games. Then, learn how video games are harmful, too.

We live in a world where, too often, blame is passed around from source to source instead of accepted and dealt with in a healthy and productive way. 

Parents blame teachers for failing to educate their children.  Teachers blame parents for ignoring their children and not assisting at home. 

Parents blame media for corrupting their children.  The media blames parents for failing to regulate what their child absorbs in movies, music, books, television and even video games. 

Often, the blame for issues like increased child violence, obesity and bad behavior is thrown at the makers of video games.

This blame, however, does not take into account two very important points of view. 

First, parents are responsible for regulating their child’s behavior and activities. 

Too much of anything is unhealthy.  Chocolate is not inherently dangerous to a child’s development, but if a parent allows his or her child to eat only chocolate, the child’s health would be in great jeopardy. 

As studies have proven, video games, too, are inherently harmless.  Too much video game play, however, can be dangerous. 

Are video games harmful? Find out the truth here!

The second significant point of view to consider is that some video games designed for children can actually have both educational and health-related benefits to the development of a child.

Top Benefits of Video Games

Discussing the benefits of video games is often taboo in parental circles.  Many parents would rather list the negatives of video games than consider the benefits of many types of video games. 

This practice is both ignorant and inadvisable.  A parent who dismisses all video games as dangerous is neglecting to take advantage of the hundreds of video games that can actually assist the parents and teachers in the positive development of a child’s mind.

To fully reap the benefits of video games, however, parents must make specific decisions regarding how the video games are to be used. 

Without these standards, the benefits of video games are rendered worthless:

  • Video game play should be limited to one hour or less each day
  • Video game play on the weekend should be prohibited
  • Children should be compelled to finish their schoolwork before playing video games
  • Video games too close to bedtime should be prohibited
  • Video game content should be closely monitored.  Violent or aggressive material is inappropriate for children.
  • Children should be required to play both education and recreational video games. 

Educational Benefits of Video Games

Many video games for children present learning in a new and effective way. 

Children can learn about important subjects like mathematics, science, history, and English by playing video games dedicated to learning. 

These video games often use characters from a child’s favorite television show or movie to captivate the child’s attention while communicating important lessons that can assist the child in school. 

Research educational video games to discover which games are pairing the most learning with the best methods of holding a child’s attention.

Health Benefits of Video Games

Five years ago, parents would have found it difficult to find any way of suggesting that video games could be beneficial to a child’s health. 

Video games required a child to sit still and stare at a television screen. 

This lethargic activity did nothing for a child’s health and, sometimes, could even contribute to failing health. 

In recent years, however, video games have begun compelling children to get off the couch and get involved physically in the game. 

The Nintendo Wii, for example, requires children to be active in various sports games and competitions. 

Some video games even offer fitness routines that must be completed with a motion-activated game console controller. 

These video games offer kids a fun and healthy way to stay fit!

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